Have a Downhill Home? Call a Professional to Divert Water

If you have a home with a negative grade, the top priority should be diverting water from the foundation.

Danny and Joe welcome callers’ questions each week on the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Here’s a question from our Dec. 1 broadcast:

Michelle from New York says, “We recently purchased a 1958 home on pier foundation in Orange County New York. Like other homes in this mountain community, it is located downhill, so there is negative grade on the southern side of the home (front entrance).

“We have a basement on the north side of the home and a crawlspace on the southern side, which is always damp. The furnace and oil tank are located in the crawlspace.

“How do I positively grade the area on the southern side of the home?”

Listen to the embedded audio clip above for the answer!
Read the blog from the Dec. 1 show and listen to the full broadcast here


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