What to Do if it is Too Hot to Paint

No one looks forward to painting the outside of their house; so if you’re looking for excuses, check the weather forecast. Poor weather conditions can cut a day of painting short and ruin what you’ve already applied.

Uncured paint will blister and swell in rain or even in high humidity. And although most of today’s exterior latex paints are fast drying, they still need enough time before getting rained on. Oil-based paints need even longer to cure.

It’s best to paint when the temperature is between 50 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Above 85, latex paints dry a little too fast to be applied smoothly.

But, if you have to paint in hot weather or direct sunlight, you can add about 10% more of the appropriate thinner to give yourself a little more working time. It’s also best to work in shaded areas whenever possible, so the paint doesn’t dry too quickly.


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