Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | October 31, 2020

Dog peeking from under a fence
(©Georgy Dzyura, Adobe Stock Photos)

If you’re a homeowner, you can always plan on one thing: expect the unexpected.

That could mean deep holes under a gate from a dog trying to escape; crown molding that suddenly comes loose; or ivy invading your fiber cement siding.

Whatever happens, we have a solution for it. Listen to this week’s Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the latest answers to common problems.

  • [7:13] Danny comments on the shortage and high prices of building materials
  • [16:09] What to do with old composite decking and how to enlarge a landing
  • [20:10] How to reattach crown molding
  • [28:23] Best New Product: Werner LeanSafe 3-in-1 Ladder
  • [30:46] Can you use wood studs when raising a floor?
  • [34:11] Tips to make showering safer for senior citizens
  • [39:33] How to prevent PVC lines from freezing in the winter
  • [49:15] How to keep your dog from escaping under a gate
  • [57:30] Tips to stabilize headboards to keep them from wobbling
  • [1:02:15] How to install the post for a new mailbox
  • [1:09:33] Can you paint vinyl siding?
  • [1:14:40] How to determine if existing paint is oil-based
  • [1:22:06] Tips for removing ivy from fiber cement siding
  • [1:33:07] How to get rid of odors in a washing machine
  • [1:36:51] What to do about a tripping reset button on your water heater
  • [1:43:05] How to use a level to confirm something is not level

Best New Product 

Werner multipurpose ladder, seen outside Sometimes, tools designed for the pros turn out to be just as good of a solution for homeowners, and this is a great example. Learn more>>  

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