Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | May 8, 2021

Flowers around a mailbox in a front yard
Flowers around mailboxes look great, but are there some downsides to this addition?
  • [4:21] A listener comments on last week’s Dead Ant Mystery
  • [6:19] Another Dead Ant Mystery comment from Chris McIntyre, who works at affiliate WGIL-AM
  • [7:44] Learn about Danny and Sharon’s worm bed that they now have…in their living room
  • [15:14] The best way to apply sealer on a wooden deck
  • [20:54] Backyard Life Tip: Easy Flower Bed Border
  • [28:25] Home Depot Best New Product: Ryobi One+ Electrostatic Sprayer
  • [31:08] Easy way to repair concrete in a garage
  • [33:53] Do you really need someone to clean and service your HVAC?
  • [41:35] Danny and Joe talk about different kinds of air filters and air leaks that may introduce dirt into an HVAC system
  • [44:19] Tips on leveling the ground for an above-ground pool
  • [49:50] Simple Solution: homemade mosquito repellant
  • [54:30] Danny talks about the rising cost of building materials
  • [58:46] Solved: Should you put flowers around a mailbox?
  • [1:00:34] How to make paint on concrete last longer
  • [1:08:11] In the Aisles with Danny Watson from Home Depot: Mother’s Day gift ideas
  • [1:11:10] The best material for lake house steps
  • [1:13:03] How to switch a ceiling fan and light to remote control
  • [1:22:20] Tips to permanently repair stress cracks around a skylight
  • [1:28:09] Recommendations for sealing and staining a six-year-old treated wood deck
  • [1:33:44 Painting a fiberglass shower stall
  • [1:36:22] Installing a reverse-osmosis water filtration system
  • [1:38:16] Solved: Why do leaves stain the wood deck boards black, and what’s the simplest way to remove these stains?
  • [1:43:10] Simple Solution: How to use leftover tea leaves and coffee grounds in the garden
  • [1:45:58] Parting words from Danny about his pet peeve: littering!

Need to know the best way to apply sealer to your deck? Or, are you wondering if there is an easy way to repair concrete in a garage? Maybe you can’t decide whether or not to plant flowers around your mailbox.

We have advice on these topics, and many more, on this episode of Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

Best New Product

TH__0346.jpgRyobi takes their portable garden sprayer to the next level with their new Electrostatic Sprayer. This product reduces the time required to do the job by up to 50%, spraying patterns from 2 to 10 feet. Learn more>>

In the Aisles of The Home Depot

Mother’s Day is coming up, and Home Depot has plenty of gift options to choose from. Their garden center is packed with planters, flowers, bird baths and other outdoor living decorations.

Tool boxes and tool kits also make great Mother’s Day gifts and are perfect for any projects around the home. You can even shop online at and have products delivered right to your door!

Other Products and Links Mentioned

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