Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | May 23, 2020

Bathroom vanity dresser
Joe Truini transformed this dresser into a bathroom vanity.

Everyone’s home should fit their unique style, and we’ll share advice for adding those special touches on this week’s Today’s Homeowner Radio Show.

If you don’t want a typical bathroom vanity from the home center, you can convert an old dresser for a designer look.

If you’ve got a microwave cabinet but the limited storage doesn’t quite meet your needs, we’ve got tips to add a drawer.

And if the only thing stopping you from laying a new ceramic tile floor is removing multiple layers of wood and tile, we’ve got some solutions there, too.

Listen for those tips and much more.

  • [1:50] Danny and Joe talk lawn care
  • [7:19] Listener’s tip: how to encapsulate pet odors
  • [15:38] ‘Should I try to re-stain or paint my front door?’
  • [17:32] ‘My dryer isn’t drying; what should I do?’
  • [22:12] How best to clean grout in a shower
  • [28:26] Best New Product: HardieBacker Cement Board
  • [31:57] Tips to add a drawer to a microwave cabinet / store-all
  • [34:36] 5 tips to maximize pantry storage
  • [41:01] Tips to convert a dresser into a bathroom vanity
  • [50:20] How to easily cut wide rolls of paper and roof felt
  • [56:26] How to remove multiple layers of wood and tile before laying a new ceramic tile floor
  • [58:19] How to safely remove a bathroom mirror glued to the wall
  • [1:00:56] How to get rid of unwanted grass in a garden
  • [1:09:36] ‘Should I seal off an old exhaust fan?’
  • [1:13:26] Danny and Joe discuss the importance of grain direction when replacing roof decking
  • [1:15:22] How to weatherproof an outdoor tray for barbecue tools
  • [1:22:13] Peter Daich talks about Daich Coatings’ TracSafe Anti-Slip Sealer
  • [1:28:07] ‘Should I be concerned about cracks in a concrete slab?’
  • [1:34:40] ‘Help! Dremel left black marks during caulk removal’
  • [1:38:15] How to evenly stain a deck
  • [1:43:14] Simple Solution: How to prevent lids on finishing liquids from sticking

Best New Product

 Blue tile shower surroundHardieBacker Cement Board with HydroDefense from James Hardie saves you a lot of time and work when tiling a bathroom. Learn more>>


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