Today’s Homeowner Radio Show | July 3, 2021

Removing checkered wallpaper from a wall.
Listen to our tips on how to remove painted-over wallpaper. Skip to [15:25] for more info!
  • [0:00]: Welcome to Today’s Homeowner Radio
  • [0:52]: Danny talks about the TV crew’s trip to New Jersey and production of the upcoming Backyard Paradise edition of the show
  • [4:25]: Joe talks about famous TV series that didn’t last as long as Today’s Homeowner has
  • [5:49]: Check out the many platforms that run Today’s Homeowner TV
  • [8:09]: Here’s what’s coming up in this hour of Today’s Homeowner
  • [15:25]: Remove painted-over wallpaper without damaging the wall
  • [19:28]: Tips to fix astray wood grain on barn doors
  • [28:17]: Home Depot Best New Product: Google Nest Thermostat
  • [30:33]: Solutions for air seeping through the back of your cabinets without damaging the backsplash
  • [39:20]: Chelsea Lipford Wolf joins Danny and Joe to talk about the latest edition of Checking in with Chelsea
  • [43:41]: How to fix steps with Polymer Modified Structural Repair from Quikrete
  • [49:41]: Simple Solution: An easy way to deliver plant food or fertilizer to a hard-to-get-to plant base
  • [58:24]: How to mold-proof your awning without destroying it
  • [1:00:30]: Alternatives to use for a privacy fence
  • [1:09:17]: Tips for maintaining a painted deck
  • [1:15:21]: Pointers to keep your ceiling tile from caving in
  • [1:22:35]: How to maintain power in your home after a hurricane
  • [1:33:07]: How to use Titebond Original to steady floating shelves
  • [1:34:59]: Tips to increase the lifespan of shingles
  • [1:37:05]: Find the source of musty odors throughout your home
  • [1:38:49]: Can you use pine needles in a flower bed?
  • [1:43:28]: Simple Solution: How to turn that mate-less sock into a dusting wand

Removing wallpaper is a tedious process — removing painted-over wallpaper is even trickier. Listen to this episode of The Today’s Homeowner Radio Show where we tell you how to remove painted-over wallpaper without damaging the wall.

Do you have hard-to-reach plant bases that are hard to fertilize? Skip to [49:41] for a Simple Solution.

And, what about mold-proofing your awning without destroying it? We discuss all of this in this week’s episode of The Today’s Homeowner Radio Show!

Listen to the Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for more home improvement tips!

Best New Product

Google Nest Smart ThermostatThere’s nothing more annoying than your thermostat not doing what you input it to do. Lucky for you, Google has the solution. Learn more>>

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