Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of Oct. 7, 2017

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Welcome to Glenn Haege Listeners and Stations

We extend a heartfelt welcome to the many new stations and listeners joining us this week on Today’s Homeowner for the first time. As many of you are aware, Glenn Haege, 34-year radio veteran and host of The Handyman Radio Show, recently passed away after battling cancer. Glenn was a buddy of mine, and I’ve always had a great amount of respect for him. Before his passing, Glenn reached out to me through his long-time producer, Rob David, to invite me to take care of his audience in the years to come. Glenn prided himself on providing his listeners with straightforward home improvement advice, and he recognized that Today’s Homeowner would be the perfect fit for carrying on that tradition.
The majority of Glenn’s stations are debuting Today’s Homeowner this weekend and we expect even more to join us very soon. Welcome to you all!


We’re giving away a Broan Sensonic Ventilation Fan in honor of Indoor Air Quality Month. With homes being sealed up tighter than ever before, it’s common for the air inside our homes to become 5-10 times more polluted than outdoors. There are lots of tips here on our website on improving your air quality. And, be sure to put your name in the hat to win the Sensonic! Not only does this Broan bath vent fan clear humidity, but it plays your favorite music. It has a Bluetooth speaker built in so you can rock out while taking a shower or getting ready in the morning. All you have to do to win is call our Today’s Homeowner hotline at 1-800-946-4420, leave your information, and say the catch phrase “Send me a Sensonic.”

1 winner will win 60 feet of GutterBrush for Standard 5″ gutters, retailed at $249! GutterBrush is a simple solution to help solve common gutter problems. It keeps gutters flowing to prevent clogged gutters and water damage and it reduces or eliminate dangerous, messy, expensive gutter cleaning. To win, call the Today’s Homeowner hotline at 1-800-946-4420, leave your information, and say the catch phrase “Get me out of the gutter!”

Simple Solutions

Perfect-Size Pilot Hole
To prevent finishing nails from splitting moldings and other decorative wood trim, use one of the finishing nails as a pilot-hole drill bit. Snip off the nail head with pliers, then chuck the nail into a drill. Now, use the nail to bore perfect-size pilot holes, and never again worry about splitting the wood.

5 Uses for Paper Coffee Filters

  • Place a filter at bottom of flowerpot to prevent soil from leaking out the drainage hole.
  • Slip a coffee filter between dishes and when storing or packing them away.
  • Keep your microwave clean by covering dishes with coffee filters to prevent splatters.
  • Wrap Christmas ornaments in paper filters before packing them away.
  • Coffee filters are lint-free and perfect for cleaning windows, mirrors, appliances and more.

Hour 1

Steve in NC
I have a brick home that was built in 1972. I am doing lots of remodeling. There is no insulation under the floor and has never been any. Some say if I add insulation it may cause a moisture problem. What are your thoughts?

Jane in MA
We have a sump pump that continually pumps huge amounts of water. We haven’t had any rain and can’t figure out what the problem is. Any ideas on what to look for?

Cindy in TX
My home is 23 years old and I have aluminum double pane windows. Would it be better to just replace the glass or just get all new replacement windows?

Hour 2

Karen in MI
My Vinyl Sash picture window in the front of my house leaks air at the top. I have had them out to fix it once and it was $80. Now it is doing it again. Is there a permanent fix for this?

Pat in CA
Currently I’m repairing a large 5x8ft ceiling hole with new drywall. I’ve patched several smaller wall holes in the past, so I know the procedure. I will probably be hanging the drywall by myself, is there any disadvantage to cutting the drywall into smaller more manageable patches, rather than trying to hoist up a whole board? And any tips for dealing with gravity while patching would be helpful, too.

Byron in CA
We have a 100 year old house, with deep eves. The roof was replaced and now I see light all around. What should be done to fix it?

Paul in CA
My home has popcorn ceilings, which I want to change to textured ceilings. Can I just sand them to make them look more like a textured surface?


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