Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of May 27, 2017

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Let’s start out this week’s show with a quick lesson in etymology, because you’ll read a couple of sayings that may be familiar, but if you really think about it, you may also say to yourself, “What does that even mean?”

“You bet your sweet bippy” – A phrase popularized by the late 1960s TV show, Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In. Basically, this was a new way of saying “You bet your life” only the word life was replaced with bippy and, bippy is just a slang way of referring to the ol’ gluteous maximus……which makes the phrase “you bet your bottom dollar” take on a whole new meaning entirely.


“Give props to” – This is the rap artists of the 1980’s contribution to our phraseology. Props is simply a scaled-down version of Propers, which was an abbreviated word for Proper Respect.


And now, we can continue.

It’s amazing what a wide variety of questions we saw this week, because some of you are seeing temperatures in the 80’s, while others are still contending with snow and ice. In particular, we dealt with a couple of issues regarding rain gutters. To be quite frank, I can’t stand them. I’ve replaced at least 150 linear miles of rotted soffit and fascia due to rain gutters that were installed incorrectly. Unless you have no other means of re-directing water from a roof, I wouldn’t have them.


Danny & I dedicate two hours to do the radio show every week, and normally, it’s a great escape and fun get-away for us. But I gotta give Danny props this week. He was sick as a dog and still pushed through. Of course, the fact that he was sick and then bottled up all those germs inside a little radio sound booth sharing it all with me for two hours…..well, I may be getting the props by this time next week.

As I mentioned, we tackled a lot of questions this week, and here they are!

Hour 1

Irma in TX
My master bedroom has two windows which has a flower bed and a drainage system. When it rains really hard that the drainage cannot keep up with the rain, the water seeps in thru the weep holes and floods the bedroom. Might I be able to close/shut/stop only those weeps holes so that water doesn’t keep filtering thru the weep holes and flooding my bedroom?

Debbie in AL
I have a front porch that is sagging where it meets the front of the house. How would I find out what’s going on and who would I call to get an estimate on the repair?

Jim in AL
What would you recommend to seal a small roof flashing leak, both on top and under?

Susie in TX
I’m getting quotes for new kitchen countertops. Can you please give me some advice on granite versus slate?

Stella in NV
I’m building a Pavestone wall to cover my pool equipment from the patio. Do I place the lip on the blocks down or up?

Veronica in KS
What material do I need if my flooring is unlevel to lay ceramic tile?

Lucia in AL
I would like to know what are the best and affordable AC filters

Russ in LA
I was listening to your show and you talked about a shower cleaner sprayed once a week. Can you tell me the product name?

Hour 2

Rachel in AL
None of my closets have lighting. What would be the easiest way to get me out of the dark without spending a lot of money?

Eliza in NY
My question is do you roll or spray paint aluminum siding? I looked and listened to all your info on your page and could not find the answer.

Jeff in OH
I recently had my home tested for radon. The results were 48 hour average 9.8. Can you tell me more about what this means and what I need to do about it?

Dee in TN
Is it mandatory to have gutters? They are a huge bother, always needing cleaning and catching sticks and leaves. The house i grew up in didn’t have gutters. Is it necessary or just trend we’ve gotten used to seeing?

Mary in IN
I have a brick hearth that has, over the years, turned kind of ash white, the cement between the bricks as well. What do I use to make the brick look like new again?

Georgia in NC
How do you go about painting a 40 year old popcorn ceiling that has never been painted before and is not in perfect condition? This ceiling is in a bathroom and has been subject to moisture and has a tendency to get mildew.

Jim in CA
I have a 1940s home and need to try and replace my windows. How do I go about this?

Ricky in TX
My master bath floor had old vinyl. I ripped it up and I have tried just about every method to get some of the old backing and glue up, from belt sander to heat gun. Can i just pour leveling compound or use Hardie backer?

Beth in VA
I have a table on a screened porch that I need to repaint. Is it okay to use a semi-gloss interior paint that I have on hand or should I purchase an exterior paint?

Chris in WV
I can’t get paint to stick to the porch floor. Any ideas?


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