Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of May 20, 2017

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Hour 1

Carl in PA
I own a 17-yr-old bi-level house. My front door is steel and in very good shape. However, it does not have any window ports. Additionally, the area above it does not have a window/opening. Therefore without the light on the area is dark. Is it economical and feasible to add after-market window ports to the top area of the door where they usually are placed? Also, where would I find such things to install? I am handy with DIY projects and I have all of the necessary tools.

Leroy in AR
I want to move my toilet about 2.5 feet. I’m on a concrete slab. I can rent a saw or just use a jack hammer but my question is: do you think I need to get a plumber out to make sure there’s not going to be any leaks, or is this something I can do myself?

Nancy in KY
I’d like to know if I can put oil-based paint directly over oil-based paint. We have doors and trim that were painted with high gloss oil and I’d like to just scuff them up and re-paint without priming.

Jim in WI
We have brick pavers. A company in Florida installed them and recommended that they be sealed every 5 years. Is that necessary?

Steve in IL
On one of your shows, the home owner had a gate that was sagging. You used a repair kit that squared-up the gate. Who manufactured the kit and where can I get one?

Judy in FL
We had new window put in our house a few years ago and now there are gaps where the caulk has pulled away from the wooden frames and the house. What is the best method and product for fixing this?

Hour 2

Darlean in AZ
I have a home built in 1942. It’s all cement and cinder blocks. I wanted to do a walk-in shower meaning using a wall instead of a door or curtain. Here’s the tricky part – I have radiant heat floors throughout the cement floors from 1942 so I can’t secure a brick wall to the floor. How can I do this?

Ben in AL
I see a lot of houses that are raised on piers and have the crawlspace bricked up with just a small access point and I think that looks better than lattice. Are there any problems with that that a homeowner should be aware of?

George in NC
Saw the show on concrete staining and loved it! When we built our house 11 yrs ago the contractor put a coating on the patio that “would last a lifetime, never stain, chip or peel.” It has done all the above. How best can I achieve the look you did in the concrete show with a partially coated patio?

Bonnie in ID
I have a natural stone waterfall with a black plastic type liner. The first two years I had no problems. Then last year foam started appearing. This spring we drained it and I poured bleach over the rocks as advised. Foam explosion! Was probably three feet of foam. I kept skimming it off, added vinegar and still have foam on the surface. Help!

Denise in OH
Can you paint over old wallpaper?

Sandy in AL
How do I get rid of the black stains in the silicone in the shower? No matter how much I scrub and use Clorox and other cleaners it does not completely come out, seems to be embedded in.


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