Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of March 18, 2017

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With all the holidays that have seemed to morph into more than just a day (Memorial Day Weekend, Labor Day Weekend,, I think St. Patrick’s Day deserves its own full weekend, especially if you’re proud of your Irish roots as I am! So to all my friends out there … May the luck o’ the Irish be yours all weekend long!


Even though there are still parts of the country facing overwhelming amounts of ice, snow and frigid temps, Spring really is close at hand. One of the casualties of the winter season can be your driveway. Whether yours is concrete, asphalt, gravel, bricks or pavers, Danny & I shared a few tips for helping revive your driveway after a long, hard winter.


It’s always a great feeling to have homeowners call us each week on the radio program and talk about the projects they’re trying to take on. From a full-on house addition to painting popcorn ceilings to attic insulation, we covered a lot of topics this week. Interestingly enough, we had one listener send an email about what to use for DIY termite control. Our pro Dr. Ron Harrison, an entomologist with Orkin, stopped by to answer that one for us. Frankly, there are some jobs that just shouldn’t be considered DIY. To hear Dr. Ron’s answer, be sure to listen to Hour 1 of this week’s show.

Drywood termites
Drywood termites

And for a look at the rest of the questions we discussed today… well, here they are!

Hour 1

Paul in TX
When you’re adding a small back room to your house do you need to use hurricane straps on the wood or just nails?

Elaine in FL
I have experienced the nightmare of painting a popcorn ceiling previously and have 1600 sq ft to do in my home. I believe most of it has been painted before (poorly I might add). Any suggestions to breeze through it?

I have an attic that has 6” of batt insulation. I’ve heard that you can insulate the rafters with foam. Would that work, or should I have insulation blown over the batts?

Janice in Ontario
My basement has a musty smell everywhere. I would like to know if a de-humidifier for the basement will help this problem.

Jack in MN
I would like info on the Haven lighting Danny installed at his house.

Hour 2

Linda in TN
I have water entry into my garage through cinder block foundation. (garage is under upstairs bedrooms.) I have sealed the holes a couple of years ago and put Kilz sealant on the black mold on the cinderblocks. I now see the mold bleeding through and I still have water issues coming through the mortar. What else can I do?

Sherie in UT
I need to cover gaps in really old paneling. What is the best product to cover the seams and nail holes? Do they need to be taped? The seams are about 3 inches away from new tile.

Scott in MO
My porch ceiling is wooden beadboard that I never got around to finishing. Now it’s turning black in spots. I want to stain it, but is it too far gone? Should I seal and paint instead, or would a deck brightener or other product clean it enough to where I can stain it?

Sharlene in CA
My living room fireplace leaks. Right between the roof and chimney. The rain comes inside right down the face of the fireplace, mostly at the corners. The fireplace is entirely on the outside of the roof, with only the eves cut out. I’m not sure how to repair this.

Linda in MO
My cement porch is crumbled. Would it be better to build a wooden porch over it or how would I re-cement it.

Brad in CO
On you show, you showed a dustless sander attachment for a shop vac. It was a rectangular style, but I didn’t catch the name or model. How does it work, and where to purchase?

Juanita in CA
I was curious about Brisa retractable screen door. I am in a wheelchair, and the regular screen doors are hard to use. I just wanted your opinion: would this be hard coming in and out of front door?

Linda in AL
I have a threshold installed, but can’t get the rubber seal to lock into place.

Arlene in OR
I have a window that was out into the living room that you can feel the cold air comes through. When it’s windy you can see the curtains move. What can I do to fix this?


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