Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of July 1, 2017

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It’s officially July, and the temperature is rising. So, we checked in with our resident lawn and garden expert, Julie Day Jones, who talked about what we should be doing in our yards and gardens this month. You can check out Julie’s July Lawn & Garden To-Do List on our site.

During the second hour, Paula in Kentucky called in with this dilemma: “I have a brick shed that was built around one of the brick post that supports my carport. The building is separating from the post from the top down. What is the issue and how can I correct this? I’ve been given two answers: 1) Pull it together from the inside roof area with a tension system, or 2) Put another foundation alongside the existing foundation. The building is very solid otherwise. I definitely don’t want to lose it.”

She sent us this photo, so we could weigh in with our advice:

brick carport 2

Here’s what else we tackled in this week’s show:

Hour 1

Jeff in MN
I have a good 1.5″ gap between my driveway and garage floor. Any suggestions on how to fill in a joint that wide?

Jeff in AL
I am wondering if gutters are actually needed on a home. The previous homeowners rarely, if ever, cleaned the gutters on my home. I believe this has caused severe damage to the roof and fascia. I plan on removing the gutters and leaving them off. I also plan to repair the fascia in the process.

Russ in FL
I purchased a 4’x8′ overhead storage rack on Amazon. I am now concerned about the trusses’ ability to support the weight of the 90-pound rack and up to 600 pounds of tools I plan to store. My garage is 24′ x 24′ and the trusses are 2″x 4″ on 2′ centers. I plan to install along the brick back wall at the tails of the trusses. Should I abandon ship and not install this system?

Randy in IL
Do you have solution or product that could remove rust from a 1-year-old concrete driveway? Some of the products I read about could change the color of the concrete from the stained area which I would want to avoid.

Wanda in NH
I have a patio and bench and fire pit, also brick walls in front of house, and I’m looking to use a sealer on all. I would like the wet look. What is the best product to use?

Kathy in PA
How do I fill in cracks in my asphalt driveway?

Hour 2

Sharon in FL
I bought my home just over a year ago. The screens on the back porch needed to be replaced. I matched the spline size and redid the screens. After heavy winds, the screens were coming out. I tried a thicker spline and thought that resolved the problem. During the next storm the screens came out again. I have moved up to the next size spline but that hasn’t worked either. Any suggestions?

James in CA
My soil is very dry and cracked everywhere. I know that I have clay a foot and a half deep. During my quiet time in morning, I could hear a cracking sound and discovered that the sound was coming from the floor, below the laminate floor covering. We do have settling cracks in our walls and foundation dose slope at one end of the house. Should I be concerned?

Linda in NH
We just installed a new fiberglass door on our house and it needs to be painted. Can you recommend what type of paint we should use, as well as the best way to apply it?

Stephanie in VA
I saw your segment on installing weatherstripping on the side of doors, but I need to replace the weatherstripping on the bottom of my front door and both of my French doors. They are very bad and I believe mosquitoes may even be slipping in through the cracks of my worn out weatherstripping. Please help!

Michelle in NH
I am looking at making our porch into part of the house and finishing it off. Can I just have a concrete slab poured and then frame in the room?

Meme in AL
I was told years ago that you should let your water run for a minute before using it in the morning, for safety measures. I have also been told this is not true. What do you say?


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