Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of August 5, 2017

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This week my daughter Chelsea Lipford Wolf dropped by the radio studio to discuss the August edition of her web series, Checking In With Chelsea. Check out Quick and Easy DIY Board & Batten for details on how you can create a custom look in your dining room, using 1x4s and 1x6s.

Joe and I also welcomed Julie Day Jones for our Around the Yard segment, sponsored by Pavestone. The summer heat and humidity have really taken a toll on Julie’s garden. In hour 1 of the show, she gives some tips on what to do about heat stress, fungal diseases and weeds this time of year.

Tip of the Week

To keep your house cooler and reduce air conditioning bills during the summer:

  • Paddle Fans: To keep cool use paddle ceiling fans set to rotate in a counterclockwise direction when looking up. Since they don’t cool the air, just the people in the room, run paddle fans only when the room is occupied.
  • Attic Vent Fans: Add an attic exhaust fan near the peak of your roof to keep the attic cooler, lower air conditioning bills, and make your roof last longer.
  • Block Sunlight: Lower blinds or close curtains on sunny windows during the day to reduce solar heat gain in your home.
  • Apply Window Film: Another way to reduce solar heat gain in your house is by applying window film to the inside of single pane windows and glass doors.
  • Install Low-E Glass: When installing new windows on your home, make sure the glass comes with a Low-E coating suitable for your climate. Low-E coatings also reduce UV rays from sunlight that can damage and fade furniture, fabric, and rugs.

Hour 1

Janice in LA
Chimney swifts get in my chimney every year. My chimney was built where it has an opening on each side (they left out a brick on each side and then built it up one more layer of brick). What can I do to cover this whole area to keep the birds out?

Milton in MD
I put what I thought was clear gloss polyurethane over my stained deck but the finish has an amber color and it looks awful. What can I do remedy this problem? The stain on the deck is Cape Cod gray and the poly has ruined the look.

Woody in AL
I would like to replace or cover a small shower floor in our home. Is it best to remove the old tile first or can I just cover it with the new tile? If I do the latter, is there some sort of extender I should get for the drain so it will be level with the new tile?

I have watched all your outdoor kitchen videos and have a couple of questions. 1) What do you use to insulate wood from heat generated by gas burning units? Would cement backer board be sufficient? 2) I am interested in exploring a concrete countertop, but need assistance. I want to color the concrete to be similar to my pavers. I have seen indoor kitchen countertops made from concrete that look similar to granite. Any advice?

What are your suggestions on how to best secure a couch on a wood floor so the couch doesn’t move backwards out from under an elder when they go to sit down? The couch is not against a wall but in middle of the room; no area rug is underneath and we have made an effort to remove scatter rugs due to the fall risk.

I currently have sheet vinyl flooring in my bathroom. It’s in good condition except that along the length of the bathtub, a small area is starting to “curl” up. How do I repair (re-glue) along this narrow edge of tile?

I’m wanting to lay tile in my kitchen. It is a concrete slab that has a control joint running down the middle. Do I need to do something special over that joint?

Hour 2

Cindy in Ontario, Canada
I have grass and weeds taking over my gravel driveway. The driveway is approx. 250 ft long by 12 ft wide. What can I do to kill them?

Marla in IL
I have an old dining hutch that I want to repurpose in to an outdoor TV cabinet for our covered porch. The hutch has been previously painted and I would like to change the color too. What do I need to do to this cabinet to weatherproof and paint?

Chris in GA
We had a completely all new a/c system installed in our 1,635 sq ft house. In the attic we have foam insulated the ceiling. Unbeknownst to us, instead of installing a 3.5 ton inside unit and a 3.5 ton outside unit, they installed a 2.5 ton outdoor unit and a 3.5 indoor unit. The dealer says that it should have been matched ton for ton or no more that 1/2 ton difference. Now we have found out that it is not taking all the humidity out of the house as it should. Is there a way to correct this problem without having to buy a new unit to match the correct tonnage? I’m thinking the 2.5 is correct sizing.

Beverly in NC
What is the name of the insect repellant lights you use in walkways in some of your episodes?

Carol in RI
My front entry inside door handle keeps falling off. How do I reattach it so it does not continue happening?

The dishwasher we purchased is smaller than the hole left from the previous one. What do we do to secure it properly and close the gap on both sides? (about 1/4 to 1/2 inch on both sides)

I am starting a painting project on new walls. I was offered a tinted primer in a beige shade for free. I have selected a light green and a light grey for the finish color. Will the tint in the primer really affect the final shade of the color? Or should I forgo the savings and use white?


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