Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of August 19, 2017

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You use this fan a lot, and some people never clean it, but bathroom exhaust vent fans need to be cleaned regularly. It’s very important to have an exhaust fan that’s vented to the outside in every bathroom in your home, and to run it whenever you shower or bathe and for 15-20 minutes afterward to remove excess moisture that can cause mold and mildew to form.

As air is drawn through the fan, dust builds up on the grille cover and the fan motor over time. Cleaning the cover and motor housing every six months to one year will remove most of the accumulated dust. Here’s how to clean your vent fan.

Hour 1

Kenny in TN
My sister has a ketchup stain on wall. I told her to use Kilz to cover it. If this doesn’t work what would you suggest, short of cutting it out and patching the drywall.

Connie in IL
We’re looking to remodel a house built in probably the ’30s. It’s got cedar siding which seems to be in good shape. We’ve taken out all the blown insulation. What kind of insulation do you put up for cedar siding inside? Because cedar has to breathe, I understand.

Glenda in AL
My daughter’s dog keeps chewing up the black insulation that you put over copper tubing. The copper tubing is outside. Do I need that insulation on the tubing and if so what could I do to keep it intact? Where it’s at it is not feasible for a fence to go around it.

Richard in TN
I’m having a problem with silverfish. I don’t have any other bugs, but I have seen several silverfish around the house in different spots and I just want to know how to get rid of them.

Sylvia in AZ
An open nail glue bottle fell into my bathroom sink. What should I do? I can’t get the bottle out with out taking pipes apart. Should I worry about what the glue will do to the drain?

Jason in AL
Is there a product on the market I can put on my cement patio to help loosen the dirt and grime before I pressure wash it, that will not kill my grass when I rinse it off?

Stephanie in CA
We are looking to purchase a HVAC/heat pump for our home. Do we have to go through a company and have it installed or is there somewhere we can purchase the unit only and install ourselves?

Marjorie in IL
I removed my shower doors and am putting up shower curtains. When we removed railing for doors and cleaned up chalking there is a scratch across top of tub were the bottom rail was. Looks as though when put in they scored it as a marking. Can it be repaired or covered up?

Hour 2

Melody in MS
My husband, son, and I are building a farmhouse in Waynesboro, MS. And I’ve seen a few simple projects that I’d like to try, like a mail and key holder that is made with wood and chicken wire. As a beginner DIYer, what tools and brands do you recommend for me?

Hermione in FL
I had a house fire in April. The only thing that’s left is the bricks and the studs. They want to re-do all the plumbing in the house and they suggest going from copper to plastic. I want to know if this is a good idea.

Michael in VA
We have an existing pergola and would like now to put a roof on or over it. I saw this on one of your episodes but can’t remember the details.

Jayden in AL
We have gutter caps on our house because we have pine trees and all these big trees around our house but the gutter caps keep getting clogged up because of all the goop from the pine needles. Any ideas or suggestions about removing this goop? It sits there and the sap hardens and it’s very difficult to get off.

Ky and Denise in MO
We bought a house 4 years ago. The age of the house is 10 years old. Some of our kitchen and bathroom cabinets have a strong urine-like smell to them. We have been told it is because of the type of wood they used. We have no pets, but the smell in some of the cabinets is so strong we do not use them any more. Is there anything we can do besides replacing the cabinets?

Gary in VA
Is there a nonslip application to apply to my 1974 porcelain tub so that my wife will not fall?

Daniel in TX
I want to install tile new tile in my bathroom upstairs. The subfloor is made up of 2×6 material laid flat. I am planning on laying cement board down. Should I also put down an uncoupling membrane?

Valerie in NY
How do I remove white paint that has washed down upon red brick facing on the front of my house? Not a lot of paint but enough to notice. I don’t really want to use chemicals.

My vinyl/plastic shutters need to be painted. What do you recommend?


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