Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Week of April 15, 2017

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Hour 1

“Around the Yard” segment with Julie Day Jones, sponsored by Pavestone.

Ben in ND
During the winter I shovel, salt and sand, and snow blow people’s parking spots. I use a 1 part salt to 6 parts sand mix, but the surface of one top area of the concrete is eroding away. How would I resurface that area?

Sandi in MN
Can I nail pictures to beadboard? Will this ruin the beadboard and how would you patch up the hole?

Pam in AR
On a recent show you sprayed a corner with something you said would keep spiders away for 12 months. What was the product?

The heat from the dishwasher is causing the wood underneath the countertop to fall apart. What’s the fix?

Tim in OH
We have a wrought iron railing around the outside balcony of our home. We are the second owners and it is in bad shape. It’s black in color and the paint is peeling. What is best to sand this off – by hand? Then to repaint? Is it as simple as just black spray paint? .

Bob in NJ
How do you fix wallpaper seams that are coming apart and what kind of glue do you use?

James in AL
Having spent 9k for a completely new AC unit last year I need something to divert roof rain from the outside unit. What is better – a 4-foot open-ended gutter piece or some drip edge bent to an A shape an glued to roof?

Hour 2

Shelley in CA
In an effort to keep our house cool we put ceiling fans in every room (including garage). Although they work great in all seasons we are concerned about running them 24/7. We periodically clean and dust. Is it enough or do they occasionally need a day off?

Tom in MD
I wanted some advice on installing vinyl siding over top the existing cement shingle (prob mixed asbestos) siding, currently on a home built in the late ’40s – early ’50s. I’d rather not remove the shingles.

Gale in MS
What is TSP and where can I find it?

Bev in CT
You showed a mosquito spray on one of your episodes. Please tell me what it is.

Marty in NY
I am sanding some pine that came from an old barn to make a table. I’m having trouble with the resin gumming up the sandpaper/belt on the sander? What can I do?

Al in AL
My family and I helped one of our friends lay a wood floor with glue. Later we noticed a lot of (glue) residue on top of the wood. How do we remove it?

Sue in AL
I am trying to remove wall paper and its stubborn glue from 1955 plaster / textured walls. I do not want to damage the plaster walls. So far, I have been soaking with warm water. The paper layer comes off but the glue – well, the best tool so far is my thumb nail. What formula works best to remove wallpaper glue?

John in CA
My problem is someone in the past looks like they may have sand blasted the old paint on the exterior of the door. This left shallow groves that follow the grain of the wood. Then they re-painted it. Boy, does it show the grooves. Is there something made that i can use to fill in the groves? It would be too hard to sand because of the design work on it.


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