Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of September 3, 2016

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Ah, September! Think of all the wonderful things that happen this month: The start of the fall season… college football… National Talk Like A Pirate Day…..and, of course, kicking it off with a 3-day weekend for many folks, myself included. It’s also a great time to tackle some of those big items on your Honey-Do list. For, me, it’s a wood fence that is in dire need of a little TLC. How about you? Got a home improvement project to take on this weekend?

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By the way, September is also a great month for some discount deals. Keep your eyes open on any sales circulars that come out, because you can find some pretty deep discounts this month on grills, patio furniture, large appliances and even mattresses!

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As we do every week, it’s great chatting with people from all over the United States and we got the ball rolling with Carol in Massachusetts who was looking for a way to winterize her beautiful screened-in porch. Danny & I had a few ideas for her, so be sure to listen to the top of Hour 1 if you missed it.

winterizing screened-in porch

Our buddy, Nick Slavik, representing the Painting & Decorating Contractors of America, stopped by with some fantastic tips for painting metal surfaces. Nick says it’s easier than most people think, too! It all comes down to preparation. While we talked specifically about painting a metal garage door, the same techniques can be used with any metal surface.

painting metal garage door

We included a small tribute to a wonderful comedic actor we lost this past week – Gene Wilder. Here are some of his most memorable one-liners from Willy Wonka.

And, here’s a full list of the questions we tackled on this week’s show:

Hour 1

Carol in MA
I have a wonderful screen porch that I would like to winterize from the weather. Last year I tacked up plastic sheets, but they fell down and made marks on the 4 x 4s. Any suggestions? Please!!

Gerald in AL
I’m having a problem with moles in my pecan orchards. How do I get rid of them?

Val in CA
I would like to install a laminate floor in my garage as a dance floor. I only want to cover part of the garage floor. Is it possible to anchor it to the concrete or would it float?

MJ in NC
I just watched a video on draining a water heater annually. I have known this but have never done it. The WH is about 6 years old. Is there any reason I should not do it at this point in time? Also, the hose will drain to a shower that is on same floor. Will it still get rid of all the sediment?

Noel in OH
I am building a cement step at my back door. How do I stick the cement to the wood

Art in NH
What is the best way to prep and paint a metal textured garage door?

Hour 2

Bonnie in OH
I’ve noticed mold on the cement block walls in my basement, especially around the sump pump. How do I get rid of it before painting?

John in NJ
How should I prep bare birch plywood for laying ceramic tile?

How do I go about replacing a vacuum-sealed, double pane window which has clouded?

Brenda in IN
Is it possible to fix cracks in the floor of a plastic shower?

Kristi in GA
Our screen porch was built on top of an existing deck, but I need to replace a few pieces of wood that run under the wall plates. How do I remove boards without taking walls down?

Paulette in AL
I have a black awning that has gotten dirty from pollen. I’ve tried everything to clean it with no luck. I’ve thought about power washing it but I’m worried about ruining it. Any ideas?


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