Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of September 17, 2016

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We’re suffering a little separation anxiety this week. Danny is in Washington, D.C. and I’m in our corporate studios. Now, please understand, the anxiety isn’t from being separated….it’s just that I TP’d Danny’s office, so I’m really anxious to see the look on his face when he returns.


We had some great calls again this week, starting with a fellow fighting a battle with mildew. Here’s the thing….he lives in south Alabama and has no air conditioning. Why, friend, why?! With that much heat and humidity, it’s a miracle your home isn’t green top to bottom. You’ve got to move that humidity out of the house. That’s one of the jobs a central HVAC system will do for you. If you aren’t going to add one to the home, then you’ll need to look into either a whole house ventilation system or constantly running dehumidifiers. Also, make sure to use the range hood in the kitchen and any bath ventilation fans on a daily basis.

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month, and one of the best ways to prepare for emergencies that kill your home’s power supply is to get yourself a standby generator. If it isn’t in your budget just yet, then look into a quality portable generator. We’re big fans of the products you’ll find at However, if you DO opt for a portable unit, make sure you follow some simple and common sense safety tips you can find here.

Another question we are often asked deals with moving walls inside your home, particularly load-bearing walls. Is that possible? Yes, you can move any wall at all, but if you’re wall is load-bearing, then steps have to be taken to redistribute that load. It usually involves the use of really stout beams and strategically-placed posts. Here’s a quick video that explains the process further.

Mark Schroeder with Titebond joined us this week to explain the very best sealant to use and why for sealing behind a gutter. By the way, we threw a surprise birthday party for Mark not long ago. You can bet anytime you get a Today’s Homeowner bunch in a party, it’ll be a fun one.

Titebond Mark Birthday

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Corky in AL
We have a smooth stone fireplace that needs cleaning. It is a gas burning fireplace, but the front of the stone has darkened. My husband saw where you used something that made a paste to clean stone, could you tell me what I can use for this project?

Jacquie in VA
My question is 2 parts. Could I screen in the bottom portion of the deck as there is lattice there but there are holes big enough for a small animal to get through? I currently have put moth balls down there to detract them but I am seeking a permanent solution. And what would be the low cost alternative?

Barbara in WV
Our front porch is crumbling on top. What can we do to repair it?

Kathy in LA
My son’s house has a wrap-around porch and there are thousands of wasps around and they build nests under the handrails. How can he get rid of the wasps? He’s tried all kinds of sprays.

Katherine in UK
Do you think an inside wall crack like this indicates a problem? It’s on the internal side of an external wall. It’s around 45° angle and is no bigger than 2mm thick.

Bobby in AL
I need to know the best way to control mildew in my home. It’s only 7 years old, but I have no A/C.

Betty in KS
I recently moved into a home that has an air conditioning and heating vent in the garage. Does it make sense to close this vent to save on energy costs, or is there some way to disconnect it. The garage is not air tight and I am quite sure heating and cooling the garage is costing extra.

Ed in NY
Can I use regular wall primer as the finish coat in a bedroom or bathroom?

Anthony in FL
I have an aluminum porch roof with a gutter. The seal on the gutter has been baked so badly that is rotted. How do I scrape out all that old stuff and what’s the best sealant to put in that can withstand the Florida sun?

Carol in OH
I have 4 small windows in the basement that are 67 years old and rusting away. Can glass blocks replace them?


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