Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of October 8, 2016

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This week, we’re looking for your ideas and suggestions. Take a look at the photos below and offer some helpful suggestions on creating storage space WITHOUT removing walls. How would you help this homeowner gain more space to have a better functioning kitchen?






For some really over-the-top and totally cool options, you should check out this pull down shelf system from Rev-A-Shelf! How cool is that?

The Director for Technical Services with the National Roofing Contractors Association, Maciek Rupar, joined us this hour to discuss the option of installing new shingles right on top of old ones. Is there an inherent problem with this? Be sure to listen to Hour 1 and find out!


Thinking of buying a bomb online? That’s what one listener wants to do, only they’re wanting an A-Bomb for mold! Have you ever used one? Is it really effective or not? Let us know what you think!


If you’re having some run-ins with Wile E. Coyote, then don’t miss some great advice from the Vice President of the National Animal Care & Control Association, Dan DeSousa. He joined us during the second hour and I think my favorite advice was this: If you think you see a coyote, then throw a ball at it. If he brings it to you, then it’s not a coyote…it’s a dog. Bwahahahaha!!


And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Kate in OH
I have a completely uninsulated attic. The only thing I see on the wood flooring is rolls of black plastic/vapor barrier? I’m not sure what it is so I took it out because it was not all intact. What I would like to know is if R30 or 38 faced batts would be sufficient for my Northern Ohio home? I’d prefer rolls but can’t find faced rolls anywhere nearby. Do I need faced insulation? If so, do I need to remove all of the black barrier from the ground? I will not be adding insulation under the attic floor boards, I’d just like to put it on top. I also noticed I do not have any insulation in my walls (home built in 1903). Is it pointless to insulate the attic if nothing is in my walls?

Christine in VA
How can you prevent pet stains on hardwood floors? Are there any products you would recommend?

Randy in LA
I have replaced approximately half of the soffit vents on my home recently. I placed the vent louvers facing away from the house. Last Saturday morning I saw the portion of the show where you were replacing soffit vents and it appeared that the vent louvers were facing in toward the house. My question is the reason the vent louvers should face in toward the house instead of away from the house. I thought that with the louvers facing away from the house more air flow could go into the attic from any wind or breeze if the louvers were facing away from the home.

Mark in NC
We are in need of a new roof. I was wondering if I would save any money by having the contractor simply place the new shingles over the old ones, or would that cause problems with the new roofing?

Lillian in NY
My husband and I both have problems with allergies, and it can make cleaning the carpets a pain. Would using a central vacuum system keep the allergens out of the house?

Barb in MN
Every time we have strong winds, it sound like the flapper outside on the dryer vent is flapping back and forth, causing an awful noise. Is there a flapper you could install behind the dryer in the house?

Lyla in CA
We have a very small kitchen and both me and my husband love to cook, bake and can. Is there a way to increase working space without knocking out walls. We can’t afford to do a huge remodel although it would be nice. Do you have and videos or ideas?

Tina in NC
My step dad’s house smells weird. We found mold on numerous surfaces, (inside pantry louvered doors, furniture, books, etc…). What is easiest way to clear house of mold? I found a mold bomb on-line. Do you think it’s safe?

Shirley in CA
My older round patio table and 4 small benches are feeling the effects of the weather & sun-we treated them – it lasted 3 months! What about a thick heavy gloss that will stand up to the environment?

Shane in TN
I had the roof replaced about 4 years ago and I had more vents put in. This summer I had condensation to show up on my ceiling. I would like to know how to stop it.

Peggy in NC
Our two-story townhouse build in 1985 with siding has several holes pecked into one side of building due to woodpeckers. This has been going on for several years. What is a solution?

Ashleigh in CA

We recently moved from Tennessee to California. Quite often, we hear coyotes somewhere near our home. We haven’t seen any yet, and hope they never get close enough to! What sort of precautions should we take to make sure we don’t become coyote chow?

Vanessa in KY

I have a downspout by my flower bed and the rain water keeping washing away my mulch. How do I re-route the downspout?

Denise in GA

I painted the garage floor a few years back, but now it’s peeling. I’ve been putting down pieces of carpet to cover it up, but now I want to re-paint. What sort of preparation do I need to do?


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