Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of October 15, 2016

Hour 1

Hour 2

This week we added a new layer to the broadcast booth. I was in the studio while Danny was in New York. We’ve done this several times before, but this time, Danny was able to SEE all the action in the booth by way of Google Hangouts! Of course, he still managed to cut up a little too much, as he usually does.

He also was having fun playing with the Halloween decorations that were within his reach.

grim reaper

Ed del Grande joined us in the first hour to chat about different types of water heaters, focusing mainly on tankless. You can learn an awful lot from our buddy Ed!

Draining a water heater is part of a regular maintenance schedule you need to be aware of. Sediment build-up in a tank can reduce its efficiency as well as its life span. It’s important to open the pressure relief valve whenever you’re draining it, though. If you aren’t sure what that valve looks like, this picture should help:


And for full instructions, you can check out this video.

Whether you have garden gnomes or pink flamingos, eventually the sun will cause their bright colors to fade. Here’s a sure-fire way to revitalize your plastic yard decor.


If you’re battling the bugs, especially mosquitoes, you can handle a lot of the problem yourself. Our pro in Hour 2 was Walt Cline with Do It Yourself Pest Control. Check out Walt’s online presence with a ton of great information and products to help keep your yard a “Bite Free” zone!

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Ed in MA
I need to make some repairs to my deck. Currently the deck is framed with 2×4 that are 24” on center. Can I deck it with 5/4” boards with that much of a span?

Pamela in NM
I’m concerned about a crack on my outside wall. The wall seems to be bowing in.

Millie in NY
My toilet tank and toilet bowl stink to high heaven! I had the maintenance people change the wax ring, but it still stinks in there. Could it be something else?

Jane in SC
Does any company offer the add-on blinds you install on French doors?

Dottie in GA
We need advice for venting a bathroom fan through to roof. It currently stops in the attic. We just want to do the job right the first time–like YOU would do!

Barbara in MS
We had some former renters who applied latex paint over oil base and now it’s all peeling off. How do we fix this?

Frieda in WI
I recently tried to drain our water heater, which is fairly new, but almost no water came out. What am I doing wrong?

Michelle in Belfast
Hi Danny, could you please help me out if you can? My mother in law asked me to paint her garden gnomes that she loves very much. They are big about 3ft and plastic. What kind of paint would be best to use on plastic and for outdoors?

Dessie in GA
Can concrete steps be repaired?

Ann in OH
I have a stain on my ceiling. Do I have to paint the entire ceiling or can I just paint over the stain?

Todd in PA
The previous owner of our log home did not have the bathroom ventilated correctly. There is now mold on the pine beams and trim of the bathroom. How do I clean it and what is the best way to remove the stain left behind?

Irma in MN
My kitchen cabinets are compressed wood and starting to fall apart. Can I just replace the doors and drawer fronts?

Karen in NJ
We have a serious problem with gnats. We can’t go outside without being swarmed with them. Don’t know what to do.

Darlene in GA
I’m putting ceramic tile down in my bathroom. Can I use plywood as the subfloor or do I have to put down plywood and then a backer board for the subfloor?

Darrell in HI
What is the best way to fix a hole in vinyl siding?


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