Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of November 19, 2016

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Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!


This week we were delighted to have our guest pro Larry Heard from Robert Moore Christmas Town drop by with some fabulous tips for homeowners who have an artificial Christmas tree and what you can do to prolong its life for years and years! Be sure to visit their website for some of the finest Christmas ornaments and decor in the country!


As promised, our producer extraordinaire, Dennis Gould. Dennis entertains us every time he’s here, and sometimes, he even sings! Be sure to look for Danny’s wife Sharon, our creative director Scott Gardner, and a quick cameo by production assistant Nathaniel Lewis!

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Bill in LA
I accidently dripped lemon juice on my granite counter top and left it sitting overnight. The next day my granite was lightly etched. It is solid black granite. Is there any way to get rid of this?

David in AL
We renovated an 80 year old home. We kept the original front door. The original door does seal well. Part of the problem is the door seals well near the top on the right side but has a wider gap at the bottom and along the top. Where the cold Interior air meets the humid outside air we get mold. Do I need to reset the door or is there a weather stripping that would work in this situation?

Jake in MS
I installed some new outdoor flood lights and within the first year they started rusting. Do they need to be replaced or can I re-paint them with some sort of anti-rust paint?

Rachel in NC
We currently have a combination of painted concrete flooring and the wood laminate flooring that snaps together. Both are very worn. The concrete is peeling and the joints of the laminate are starting to separate and peel. We would like to replace the flooring in our home, but we are not sure what the best “do it yourself flooring” choices are? Neither of us are have very much experience in do it yourself projects, but we are both enthusiastic about learning.

Mike in NY
We have just purchased a new home which is 20 years old. It has a fiberglass entry door I think. The outer part of the door has become weathered from the sun even though there is a storm door in place and it has lost its shellacked finished and become grainy. What Can I do to bring it back to original or preserve it with paint?

Clint in AR
I bought a Watts recirculating pump and now when I turn on my hot water, I get hot water; and when I turn on my cold water I get hot water. What in the world is going on?

Dan in ID
You suggest to seal the grout in tile but is there a specific type of sealer I should use?

Shea in VA
When taking down walls to open up an older house, what do you do with the line of floor left empty from where the wall used to be? I am trying to save the original black oak hardwood floors as much as possible. Do you try to splice in new wood and then sand and stain it all one color…..or are there other ways?

Jerry in AR
I have some very coarse gravel in my driveway and was looking for some type of material to fill this with. On one of your videos you used a paste-like patch material that was put on with a trowel. Would this be good to fill in around this course gravel on my drive? I would like to know what that material is and where to get it.

Carmen in OH
I want to put down self-adhesive vinyl tiles over an existing vinyl floor. I want to put down a floor leveler first, but the man at Home Depot said I would have problems if I tried to put down the leveler on top of vinyl. Is this the case?

Barry in VT
My son purchased a bldg. recently that was built in the 20’s and is made of red bricks. It was a garage and repair facility for an oil company and housed oil trucks. We have a problem painting the interior walls. The old paint shows through new. We pressure washed the walls using a cleaner, rinsed very well several times, there was nothing on the walls before such as grease or anything. We let it dry 5-6 days. The color we are painting over is a medium blue. The first coat covered ok until next day, then bled through, waited 4 or 5 days put on second coat”. Looked great, came in next day and it bled through again. Do you think the fumes after years have absorbed into the paint and that’s the problem and what product can we use now to seal it?

Randy in IL
I plan to build a freestanding landscape block wall and use the sidewalk as a base Am I alright to use the sidewalk as a base. the wall will be the standard 32 to 36 inch height?

Chad in MA
I’ve got a 24 x 24 barn that I’ve insulated with 2” foam board, but it doesn’t seem to get very warm and I’ve had people tell me it SHOULD get warmer. What am I doing wrong?

Antonio in CA
You make installing a rain diverter look so smooth and easy. But my roof shingles don’t nicely and flexibly peel up so I can nail the diverter down underneath them. They are stiff and although I have “carefully” broken the seal, if I pull them up, they are too brittle and seem like they’re going to break before I can hammer the nail. What do I do?


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