Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of March 4, 2017

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This week we welcomed Joe Truini as guest co-host while Allen was on vacation. Joe hosts the Simple Solutions segment on Today’s Homeowner TV show.

Julie Day Jones joined us for Around the Yard, where she discussed what you should be doing for your lawn and garden this time of year.

And Chelsea Lipford Wolf dropped in to tell us about her March webisode of Checking In With Chelsea, in which she tackles a DIY built-in window seat.

Here’s what else we discussed on this week’s show:

Hour 1

Kevin in PA
Looking to update the outside of our 1965 ranch which is mostly stucco in good shape. Getting conflicting info about keeping the stucco. What can you tell me about the positive/negative of stucco?

Marie in VA
How do I get rid of a scratch on my new glass stove top?

Janet in FL
I have a mold stain on my butcher block counter where the faucet is attached. I wanted to refinish it, but I’m told it would have to be sanded too deeply.

Maureen in NM
I’d like to know how to properly repair cracks in sheetrock above door frames.

Linda in KY
I have a small garden on the side of my house. When it rains the dirt washes out. What can I do?

Pam in CT
We have some dings in our siding and some rusty screw holes. How can we repair them?

Hour 2

Leonard in UT
I have approx 2′ overhang on my foundation and I need to remove the aluminum siding/soffit so I can insulate. How do I get the siding off without bending it all?

Terry in OR
We have water coming through our foundation into the basement when it rains a lot or we get snow melt. What are my options?

Brandon in AL
I need to do re-paint job, but how do I know if what’s there already is oil or latex?

Dan in Ontario
I have a height issue where my new tile meets old tile. I want to put wire mesh down where I’m putting new tile and I was wondering if I can thin set directly to that without building the floor up any more?

Eddie in AL
I plan to paint my garage floor. What prep work is needed, the best paint or stain?


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