Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of January 7, 2017

Hour 1

Hour 2

This is our first program of the 2017 season, and if you believe in omens, then it’s going to be a fantastic year for Today’s Homeowner Radio. We were full-to-overflowing with fun and helpful information today.

In the first hour, our Expert guest is Dr. Roger May, representing the National Association of Landscape Professionals. He has some fabulous advice for dealing with those bare spots in the lawn due to high traffic. Think about spots around gates or sheds. You can bet Dr. May will be a welcome returning guest! Be sure to check out the NALP’s consumer site here.

We also came up with our list of tools we think should be included in every basic tool kit. In no specific order of priority, here’s what we came up with:


1. Adjustable wrench
2. Locking pliers (vise grips)
3. Combination pliers
4. Nail set
5. Utility knife
6. Putty knife or 5-in-1
7. Tape measure
8. Torpedo level
9. Stud finder
10. Cordless drill & bits

In Hour 2, our Expert is Amy Gath, VP of North America Marketing for the Formica Group and she gives us two very specific products you can use to brighten up a dull plastic laminate countertop: Hope’s Perfect Countertop Polish and Magic Countertop Cleaner.

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Dean in NE
My asbestos floor tiles are in good shape. What is the best way to cover them? We want to put down laminate over it.

Nadine in FL
I struggle knowing when should I try to do something myself or pay someone. One of things that is a hindrance is not have the tool already. Besides basic hammer, screwdrivers what would you say are the top 10 tools needed to do most home projects?

Lonnie in KY
I had insulation blown in my attic. Would it be ok to add batt on top of it?

Linda in TX
Is using contact paper to cover a bathroom or kitchen countertop harmful with fumes or chemicals, etc?

Roy in IN
Is there a building code that says you have to put a heat vent in a bathroom?

Greg in AL
Do you have suggestions for high traffic areas in the yard around gates and sheds? The grass around these areas gets worn down over time.

Gary in WA
I saw your video for making and using a jig to drill holes for cabinet door handles on the left-facing door. Do you have a video that shows a jig that would be versatile to the point where it could be used on both the left-facing and the right-facing door handle holes?

Debbie in TN
We bought a home built in the 60’s that was refurbished. However, the hardwood floors squeak and it is so noisy! Also the basement needs attention as the insulation is old and exposed. Any suggestions?

Carlton in MS
I install ceramic tile after removing self-stick vinyl tile several years ago. I cleaned the residual glue off with mineral spirits before installing the tile. Lately the tile has bucked up in one area.. after removing the tile I discovered the quickset was only adhered to the tile.. Very little was stuck to the floor. I want to replace the tile. Does the floor have to be sanded with a very expensive diamond grind wheel to get to new concrete or will the latex modified quickset adhere.. I did not know about latex modified when I first installed the tile. Thanks for any advice.

Beverely in AL
Can you give me some advice on refinishing pickled cabinets?

Warren in AL
I want to add a corner seat in an existing cultured marble shower. I’ve looked for installation videos, but can’t seem to find one that shows how to safely attach a seat to the existing cultured marble wall boards.

Pat in MI
I’m wondering what type of insulation to use in a 1970’s walk out ranch: Spray foam or dense pack plug & seal? Either company will put closed cell foam in rim joist. Looking to keep warmer and drown out some road noise. Both about the same price.

Lillian in MO
In our basement, I’m seeing a lot of a white, chalky powder. How do I get rid of this and keep it from coming back?

Leslie in NC
How can I find a replacement stopper that fit? I have purchased several but none fit well, and the water always leaks out.

Nancy in IA
Any suggestions on how to brighten a Formica table top. I recently bought this at a sale – mostly because of the chairs. The tabletop is dull. Is it possible to get a little luster back?

James in OH
What can I use to rid ice and snow from the handicap ramp on our newly built front porch and ramp? We used treated lumber.

Marvin in MN
I going to install drywall in a detached garage that has 9′ ceilings. Can the 4’x9′ sheets be run vertically? I have also heard you can use 54″ wide sheets horizontal? which would be the best way?

Rick in CA
I’m buying our first house for my wife and 3 kids. All 3 bedrooms are 8×10 maybe with small closets. There is an 8×10 partial carport off the master room. We could remove the window and create an opening/door. I’m thinking about just enclosing it for a temporary closet and down the road make it into a bath with some storage/closet. What is your feeling about this approach?


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