Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of January 28, 2017

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Either Spring is in the air, or folks are getting stir crazy and want to get out of the house, because we were inundated this week with questions about the roof. As much as I’d love it to be Spring, I feel certain the latter explanation is the correct one.

We also dealt with some solutions to jazz up a bland, boring concrete patio. You’ve got a ton of great options, including adding a brick perimeter, staining, painting, and even cutting score joints to create a pattern. As I promised, here’s a look at what Danny did to the plain slab behind our corporate office.


And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Jane in AL
Trying to paint over Kilz in my bathroom. Many layers of old paint under Kilz. Paint looks like it is melting! SOS?

Fred in AL
We had hail damage from recent storms, I am considering having a ridge vent installed. Are they worth the extra expense? Are there other options that may be better i.e. Power vents?

Pat in MI
I was wondering what type of wall insulation in best in a 1970’s style walk out ranch.

Eddy in CA
How do you install a rain diverter on a tile roof?

Shawn in OR
What do you recommend to keep water from seeping under my garage door during heavy rains, melting snow, etc?

Ed in LA
It looks like mold has stained the wallpaper above the bathroom shower. How do I solve this problem?

Philip in MO
Can you use Rustoleum on an old fiberglass camper shell?

Bee in AL
There is a pipe on my roof that needs the rubber flange replaced. Is this something I can do myself. Would a Permaboot be used instead?

What is your opinion on electrostatic air filters? I got some for my furnace because I hoped it would help my allergies but I can’t tell a difference.

Kim in NH
I stained a cherry table and the layer of poly combination I applied is cloudy. Will it go away? Should I put on more? What do I do?

Jerry in AL
How do you clean a dirty shingle roof?

Ellie in NH
Is it difficult to change sliding double doors into swing doors? The sliders are nice but you can only get into one half of the closet at a time.

Peter in NJ
My kitchen sink was fastened to the granite countertop using bracket and glue, but has broken loose. Any advice on how to put it back?

Charlie in PA
What drain cleaner can you use on a garbage disposal?

Janet in NV
I’ve purchased some wonderful Mexican pottery that I want to hang outside on my EIFS stucco . One piece weighs about 20lbs. Can you tell me what I need for this job?


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