Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of January 21, 2017

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We had a fun and lively show this week, especially when it was time to talk about dogs who love to dig holes. Our special guest in the first hour was Tara Houser, dog trainer and the founder of Real Pet Behavior located in Deland, FL. Tara shared some great ideas that will encourage your dog to limit his digging to only one area. Be sure to visit their web site for even more information!


Matt called in this week with a tub problem. Seems the lever that operates his drain has a broken spring. This drain assembly is actually a common item at most home centers and can be quickly replaced with just two screws.


If you’ve ever had to paint a room in a home that had a chain smoker, then you know how difficult it can be to eliminate, not only the odor, but the “bleeding” of the tar & nicotine that has absorbed into the walls and ceilings. Our paint pro, Nick Slavik joined us to walk us through the process. The real key is cleaning with a de-greaser prior to applying any kind of primer. My vote has always been a solution with TSP, or trisodiumphosphate.


We also have had a lot of people writing in requesting a re-publishing of Joe Truini’s organic weed killer recipe, so here you go:

1/2 cup Epsom salt
1 quart white vinegar
4 squirts of dish detergent

Mix these ingredients in a spray bottle and spray directly on the weeds. The detergent helps the solution stick to the leaves. Within a day or two, the weed will dry up and die.

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Erin in SC
We recently removed our glue-down wooden floors and now we have the concrete subfloor and a little bit of glue still. Is it necessary to do anything before laying down porcelain tile?

Mike in TX
I am a Custom Deck Builder and used Behr Penetrating Oil Stain Chocolate Semi Transparent…I applied it using an airless spray rig and a few areas were a bit too thick. Temperature wasn’t ideal but far from freezing and it rained a couple days later…the Stain didn’t stick at the areas where the stain was too thick but now those areas won’t take the stain. It’s like the oil penetrated but not the pigment or color. How can I repair these areas and reapply?

Gerry in AL
We have a 2700 sq. ft. house. The hot water heater is located in the attic at the very front of the house. Our master bath is at the very back of the house. It stresses me that I have to run and waste at least a couple or three gallons of water before the water runs warm enough to brush my teeth and wash my face. Would wrapping the pipes with insulation abate the waste?

Cynthia in AZ
I’m concerned that my hot water supply is running out quicker while taking a ten minute shower. I probably need to replace the two tanks that sit one on top of another on a wide shelf over my washer & dryer in a hallway closet behind two doors. What should I do?

Clarence in WA
I am preparing my yard (front and back) for the summer. I love my yard, but hate my dog’s digging. Right now, the back yard is filled with his pot holes! Do you have any suggestions/recommendations other than taking him to the to the dog pound (just kidding).

Kenny in AL
We have a hole in our vinyl siding about 4 feet from bottom. It’s about the size of a half dollar. Can this be repaired?
Leslie in NC
We got paint on the concrete porch while painting the steel front door. How can I remove it?

Matt in AL
My tub is about 30+ years old. The spring that holds the drain open is broken. I drilled a hole in the little lever and hang a 2 ounce fishing weight on it to drain the tub. Can the spring be fixed? I looked in the access panel in the wall but don’t see it. I’m afraid the tub will need replacing.

Donna in FL
My lanai is currently covered with tile. Unfortunately, it has buckled to the point where I cannot use it anymore. I’ve done some research about various types of resurfacing products. I’ve narrowed it down to resurfacing in either concrete or a polymer overlay. I live in Naples, FL and due to the climate in my area this may limit my options. I would appreciate any advice on what would be the best surface that will hold up in this climate and is easy to clean and maintain.

ElJean in IA
We had a shower put in last winter in our bathroom over existing tub, also a vent in ceiling. They did not vent it out the roof because claimed it was near an existing pipe vent. This winter we have been having issues with water occasionally dripping from vent onto floor. Is it frost? Condensation?

Jeff in MO
My wife and I recently bought her mom’s house. My wife’s father passed away about 6 years ago. He was the rock of the family, and he worked with tools his entire life and was incredibly handy. Me on the other hand…well….I try! I’m overwhelmed with the task of keeping up with this house. The first area that needs to be addressed is the garage. The man owned every tool known to man, but had no sense of organization. It’s clear I need to take inventory and organize the garage in a way that will both honor him and keep me sane. Do you have any suggestions?

Bob in MS
I bought a house that had been smoked in for 20 years. I will Kilz and paint the ceiling but what can I do to the paneling?
Donna in NV
I am going to glue used wine corks to 1/4 plywood to make a ceiling in a wine storage area in a closet under stairs. Contact cement seems like it would take too long since it must dry on both surfaces before use. Will epoxy work?

Harriet in SC
What was Joe Truini’s recipe for the mixture that was for killing weeds? It was made up of regular household products. I enjoy your TV show on WLTX in Columbia SC and the Pod Casts.


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