Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of January 14, 2017

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January is a busy month for the Today’s Homeowner gang with trips to Orlando for the International Builders Show (IBS), Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS), and Miami for the 2017 National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE)convention. But, we’re making time every week for two things: The fabulous Today’s Homeowner Radio program AND for the first time ever, Talk to Today’s Homeowner, which is a Facebook Live feed we’re doing every Friday in January starting at 12-noon Central Time where you can send your questions to Danny & me to answer in real time! We’ve had two successful weeks so far and we’re looking forward to even more!

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Linda in AL
I live in very old home with the original windows. I can’t afford to replace them right now. Every day huge amounts of condensation form and drips down. It damages the paint job and causes mold. What can I do in the short term? Would storm windows be feasible? What about shrinking plastic sheets?

John in NY
Is there a garage door opener that locks the door so that the signal cannot be recorded and another person cannot open my garage door?

Richard in AR
Thank for you tips on lattice install, but I still have two issues I can’t seem to find online help with. 1. The ground beneath my deck is on a very steep slope/angle. . How do I trim the bottom of the lattice so that it stays at ground level on the steep slope? 2. I would like to put some type of screen behind the lattice due to the numerous wasps that we have, since we live in a much wooded area of NW Arkansas.

John in AL
We are building a house on an island and are looking at flooring options. We looked at your condo renovation show and were intrigued by the vinyl plank flooring you used. Would you mind telling me how you like it now?

Brandee in AL
Our kitchen needs a little bit of a facelift as far as the cabinet’s go. Can you tell me how to paint our kitchen cabinets? They have a high gloss finish and this scares my husband and me.

Kevin in GA
I’ve been told not to put water on my laminate floor, but how do I go about cleaning off the dirt and grime from my pets without using water?

Bill in PA
Is there a way to keep the cold air from coming thru the exhaust fan, and blowing into the bathroom?

Sylvia in TX
Is it normal for my storm door to freeze? Weather here in Katy Texas was 9 degrees!

Jim in NE
I have a shed that the builder put 4×8 sheets of concrete board straight to the studs. the shed leaks through the nail holes. I was given almost enough concrete horizontal siding to redo the whole thing. I was wondering if it you think it would be Ok to wrap the shed with Tyvek and then apply the new siding over the old?

Ritchie in MO
Any thoughts how to touch up stain on a fiberglass entry door?

Mike in CO
I have an unfinished basement that I will eventually finish but was wondering what insulation I should put around the bare concrete wall now that would allow us to keep it warmer, then finish the basement in a few years. Also, would I put some sort of sealant on the concrete like waterproof paint or sealer? I have heard of foam board that glues to the concrete, as well as aluminum wrapped closed cell insulation, but don’t know what to use.

Rob in MI

What is the best way to paint a wall or ceiling using a roller? I don’t seem to get it to look right.

Dee in AL
I want to build a koi pond. Will cement stick to a plastic kiddie pool that I put in the ground for the liner?

Linda in TX
I have a mosaic tray that I would like to actually use, but it is too rough to wash and too un-level to sit something on. What product could be poured over the design that is clear and able to fill in crack and level it?


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