Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of February 4, 2017

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A happy February to one and all. I hope the groundhog gave you good news this past week. I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely ready for spring. For the past 2-3 years, I’ve tried (unsuccessfully) to grow a nice garden and I’m itching to do it again this year. Instead of in-ground growing, I’m looking at a nice raised bed. This is something Danny is very familiar with as he has a new raised bed garden ready at his house AND at our corporate offices. Now, when I say “raised bed,” I’m talking about waaaaayyyyyy off the ground! Check out the office bed ready for planting here at Today’s Homeowner!

raised bed garden

There’s a thick, waterproof membrane between the wall of the bed and the building to ensure no water damage inside the office. Another benefit of a raised garden bed is that you’ve a lot less weeding to worry about.

A big shout out to one of our brand new radio stations that have joined the Today’s Homeowner family. Welcome KXEL AM 1540 in the Cedar Rapids & Waterloo areas in Iowa. And thanks to our friend Jeff Stein at KXEL for making the decision to come on board!

We tackled a lot of great questions today from people all over the good ol’ USA. Throughout the hour, we also shared some information that could help you if you have a common household appliance that seems to be “on the fritz.” Before you call an appliance repair person, check out the tips we shared in each hour of this week’s show. It included repair tips for garbage disposals, refrigerators, gas & electric stoves, washing machines and dishwashers.

And here are more of the questions we answered on this week’s show:

Jane in KY
We have an old house and want to insulate between the floor joists but there are wires and pipes running everywhere. I don’t see addressed anywhere what to do when encounter these wires and pipes in the space we are trying to insulate. Do we cover them with the insulation, insulate around them? I don’t want to create more problems.

Sammy in GA
I have some minor water damage outside my log cabin and need to putty. What is the correct way to do so on logs.

Lauretta in FL
I have just signed a contract to have pavers put around my pool deck. I asked that he use polymeric sand & he said I didn’t need it on a concrete deck base. What do you think?

Robin in AL
I rent a house that has single pane windows. You can feel the cold air coming in during the winter and heat in the summer. Is there anything I can do to help stop this uncomfortable situation?

Lyman in AL
We have a furnished basement that had indoor/outdoor carpeting. I removed the carpet, but still have glue residue. What is the best way to remove this. Also, the concrete has been here since 1975. I want to stain it. Will concrete this age take the stain?

Daniel in AL
The ceiling in my bathroom is cracking and peeling. It has an exhaust fan, so moisture is not a problem.

Roxanne in KY
My mom and I are planning for raised garden beds this year. What is the best and most reasonably priced wood for this project?

Robert in AL
What is your recommended brand of dimmer switches for inside lighting?

Karen in IN
My basement is unfinished and has no insulation in the ceilings under the living area. Can I use the wool insulation w/tension wires from your winter season show? Would I use un-faced in a basement? My floors upstairs are cold in winter.

Marge in MI
I have a problem with a portion of the toilet paper coming back after flushing is completed, needing a second flush. Upstairs bathroom works fine, since they share the same waste line, there isn’t an obstruction in the line. Is there a simple solution to this problem?

Janet in MS
Our windows/security doors were installed less 10 years ago. When it is cold outside, the glass sweats really bad to point of water running down on window sill and security door glass moisture will actually freeze on inside of glass (have inside steel doors). These are supposed to be well insulated windows – conventional foundation. I keep my temp inside in winter around 65-68 degrees, but gets cold outside in winter. Any advice?

Dan in WA
My wife and I are remodeling our kitchen and we want to reuse as many of the base cabinets as possible. The counter tops seem to be glued and screwed to the cabinets then the vinyl applied after. Is there a way to remove the vinyl without destroying the base cabinets?

Annette in NC
How do I use a buffer to improve the look of dull hardwood?

CJ in UT
I’d like to convert my closet bi-fold door into a “swing out” or French door. Do you have any suggestions?

Susan in MS
We are planning to build our home inside a steel frame metal building. Are there any specific considerations we should be aware of?


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