Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of February 11, 2017

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If you’re a regular listener to the radio program, you know that Danny & I like to engage in a great deal of … um … verbal jousting. All in good fun, though. That behavior tends to carry over into the television show, too. But this week, as we mentioned on the radio program today, Danny & I took to some visual hijinks using electrical tape and the images of each other on our production trailer. As promised, here are a couple of the altered images.

Danny Allen collage

It’s always a treat to announce the arrival of new radio stations carrying the Today’s Homeowner program. This week, a special nod to our new friends at KXLE AM 1240 in Ellensburg, WA and a thanks to their General Manager Brad Tacher for coming on board!

We get a lot of questions centered around moisture issues in a crawlspace. In most cases, increasing the ventilation and air circulation will solve 99% of the troubles. Occasionally, though, you need to give the air flow a helping hand. Danny often talks about the addition of a “ring fan” to help pull in fresh air and expel moisture. It’s a very inexpensive solution that has an astoundingly good success rate.Just hook it up on one crawlspace vent with the air flow directed outwards. Attach it to a humidity sensor and when it hits a certain level, the fan automatically turns on removing moisture from under your house.

ring fan

A big thanks to this week’s Pro guest, Bonnie Dewkett, better known as The Joyful Organizer. Bonnie gave us all some great advice when tackling a messy garage. And be sure to check out Bonnie’s latest book, “50 Tips to Get You Organized – In Ten Minutes or Less!” You can order a copy in print or Kindle at

Danny & I also shared 5 simple tips to keep your garbage disposal running properly. They are:

  1. Run it regularly, even if you have nothing to grind up. Keeping those moving parts moving makes sure they don’t corrode or rust.
  2. Use cold water to grind your food, not hot or warm. Cold water will keep natural fats in some foods from melting down and coating the inside of your plumbing.
  3. Run the disposal longer than you think. After your food has been ground well, continue running the disposal another 30-60 seconds to make sure all the food particles have been flushed away.
  4. Cut food waste into small pieces before placing them inside the disposal. Too much food or pieces that are too large can clog or jam the blades.
  5. Keep your disposal smelling citrus clean by freezing water with a generous amount of lemon juice. Then, drop the lemon cubes into the disposal and grind them up. Not only does this help clean the blades, but it leaves your disposal with a pleasant aroma.

And here are more questions we tackled this week:

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Cathleen in IL
I just purchased a butcher block and made an island for my kitchen. We are torn between keeping it in its natural state and staining it. We do not intend to use this block for food prep. Having said that, if we just use the bButcher block oil on it and the conditioning oil, will it darken the wood a little and give it some shine or will it stay this dull dry wood? And if something spills on it will it leave a stain? And how would we wipe it off after we eat a snack or something on the island?

Ralph in IN
My foundation is always wet. We insulated the walls, put plastic on the ground and have drainage around the perimeter, but it is still really wet. What should we try to do to fix this problem?

Joanne in NC
What’s the best way to bring the shine back on my laminate floors?

Jonathan in MS
I am looking to wrap the pipes under my house. It’s a tight space, and I can move around, but have take my time. Is there an easier way?

Deborah in MA
I want to paint my basement but when I pass the roller it will peel like a sand. What I can do?

Hour 2

Linda in AL
We have vinyl tile that may contain asbestos. We want to put down new carpet and I want to have these tiles totally removed. Is that good idea?

Sharon in CA
I inherited a large bathroom acrylic counter with two sinks, about 7 to 8 ft. long. Problem is, one has been chemically deep scratched. I have tried sanding. It helped some, but it seems the finish is gone. Is there a solution?

Robert in CO
Do you know of anything that will last on a stamped concrete patio? When I had it done it was shiny for a couple of years, but now it is dull. I treated with Xylene and it looked good for the summer. Then it got dull again – a chalky look.

Jeannette in NC
I am thinking of buying a home in Tucson, built in 1990. I have read about PB pipes that were used in homes in that time period. If the home inspection reveals PB pipes, what do you suggest? Replacing the pipes? Would you know the approximate cost in a small 1,300 square foot house?

Rob in FL
We bought a 2 bedroom / 1 bath house but there is no exhaust fan in the bathroom. We also have a tile roof. Is it a lot of work to add an exhaust fan?

Guy in MS
The weed eater has cut my plastic flexible drain pipe from my gutter to the front of the property. Can you recommend a fix for this problem? I do not want to dig up 75 feet of pipe to replace.

Pam in VA
I need to clean the screen on my exhaust fan over my stove. I saw it on your show, but it’s been a while. Just need to know what to soak and wash it in.

Debra in MI
I was watching an episode where you were cleaning baseboards and mentioned that the cleaner would also kill mold. I was hoping to find the name of the cleaner.

Bill in AL
My house is on piers with several ventilation ports. I currently vent the dryer under the house, as the nearest vent wall is about 25 feet. Is it OK to vent dryer under the house or do I need to vent through outside wall?

Ivan in AL
I have a slow hot water leak under my concrete slab. Do you have any suggestion how I may locate this leak?

Robert in FL
What causes the water level in the toilet bowl to go down after it sits awhile?


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