Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of December 3, 2016

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They say the older you get, the faster time goes by. It’s true, but an even bigger truth is that once you pass Thanksgiving, the remainder of the year flies at warp speed! If you’re planning to do any kind of home improvement project ahead of Christmas, you need to have a plan in place already.

One topic we tackled today was painting an epoxy coating on a concrete floor. This is a great option, but be sure to take on only a small section at a time, such as a 4’x 4′ or 6′ x 6′ area. One caller today wanted to add gold specks into the finish. From experience I can tell you this: The gold “dust” or glitter will not make an impressive final look. Instead, look for Large Mica Chips, but be prepared to pay. You can find some 1 oz. containers that run about $12, but I’ve had better luck going through Amazon and looking for a large container from McCollum Interiors. Last time I shopped it, the container was a little more than $35 so just make sure that rich Midas look is what you really want.

It’s been a fairly mild Fall season so far with many experts saying the winter will be similar. Nonetheless, many of you will still see sub-freezing temps over the next few months. Make sure your water pipes are prepared. Here’s a great checklist to keep your pipes from freezing and bursting.

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Jim in AL
I have four roof windows the surround is stucco but would like to change to brick or vinyl siding
Any suggestion on how to proceed?

Eric in ID
I viewed a video and read article about building raised storage in your attic. Quick question, what concerns should I have about loads before starting… this wasn’t addressed? I have a 1939 home, 2×6 ceiling joists on 16″ centers spanning about 14′ in either direction of center. Not sure the material… king post style w/purlins. Can’t tell if ceiling joist run/span 14′ (from center to edge) or 28′ (from edge to edge). Any thoughts or just go for it?

Veronica in GA
I am wanting to paint my Formica cabinets what is the best product and the easiest way to do that?

Leslie in LA
I live in New Orleans and the ground is extremely wet. Over time, the brick piles that support my house have started to sink on the front right side causing cracks in the walls and doors to stick. Where do I start to find the right person to complete the job at the right price?

Margaret in IA
I need to replace the rubber piece in the threshold in my kitchen, but there are so many options (sizes, etc.). Also, is it better just to replace the whole thing?

Denny in PA
I have not done anything with my basement walls. They are 40+ years old. I was told I would have to use acid on them. Can I sand blast them and not use the acid?

Betty in OH
My bathroom exhaust fan drips water down on the toilet and floor and also the ceiling is wet around it. It vents into the attic. How can I fix this?

Carol in PA
I want to convert my small basement to an office. It has a cement floor and cinderblock walls and I am trying to figure out the best thing for flooring. I’ve come to the conclusion that an epoxy coating would be best, but I’d like your opinion. Also, would I need good ventilation to do this? (there are only two tiny windows that open in the basement). Last question: I have my heart set on gold flakes in the epoxy, but I haven’t found any so far.


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