Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of December 24, 2016

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Wishing everyone who watches our television show and listens to our radio program a very Merry Christmas!


I do want to share one photo from a listener this week. This is the concrete covering of a storm shelter in Oklahoma. The cracks may seem to be a problem, but in reality, they can be easily remedied. A big thanks to Scott near Oklahoma City for calling in this week and sharing his question.


And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Suren in MI
There are a plenty of squirrels in our subdivision. Last week I witnessed that a corner of wood frame of my kitchen window has been eaten by an animal. I have two questions: 1. How to stop that animal from eating any further and 2. Do I need to replace my entire wood frame or window or use some kind of filler? Thank you.

Kelly in RI
Will a soft spot in the shower floor crack? What would be the cause of the soft spot to crack?

Bill in NC
My girlfriend was in attic and accidently stuck her foot through ceiling. I needed to know the best way to repair. The hole is about 15 to 20 inches.

Fred in NC
I’m having difficulty cleaning the aluminum trim on my shower door as well as the stainless steel grab bars. Any hints?

Jim in TX
I’ve read the questions and answer about sweating windows when temps drop. When do you know that windows need to be replaced?

I have a recessed light in my shower. After I turn it on it turns itself off after about 15 minutes. About 15 minutes later it comes back on. What could the problem be? Do I need to replace it?

Sammy in WV
My dryer is on the second floor of my house, periodically I have to get a ladder and clean the outside dryer vent because the lent accumulates and blocks the exit of the hot air. Is there anything I can put on the vent that will not allow the lent to accumulate?

Ed in AL
Where should place a hole for the water line and return hose. Some say down low, some say half way up.

Les in NH
Is there any way to divert snow from coming off the roof on to the front steps? I love you show we see it here on Sunday mornings.

Scott in OK
I just bought a home in south Oklahoma City. The cement near and over my large in-ground storm shelter is cracking. It is used by several neighbors and had 30 people in it during one of the Moore tornadoes. The tornado was less than a mile to the south. The home is so far south that it happens to be in the Moore school district. I am worried that the shelter will soon not be water tight. QUESTION: Is there a way to fill the cracks and prevent further damage? I am a watcher of your TV show and record it every week. Thank you!

Lori in CA
Can I use a 6″ auger bit (instead of an 8″ auger bit, requiring 2-people) to sink a 4″x4″ fence post? Lowe’s said to sink the post 18″ down and use app. 80 lb. Concrete Mix. What is your opinion of using foam instead? What is your opinion of using the reusable concrete mix bags instead of a wheelbarrow & shovel?


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