Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of December 17, 2016

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I think the highlight of the show this week was a caller asking to settle a debate between her and her adult kids as to whether or not you use HOT or COLD water when using a garbage disposal. Many people may say COLD since that’s what they were always told, and they’re right! But do you know the reasoning? You should never put a fibrous type of food in a disposal. A good example is celery. The fibers of this type of food can quickly cause a nasty jam. And, as I like to explain, you should never treat your disposal to a FOG. That stands for FATS, OILS, and GREASE. But, some foods naturally have fats in them, such as mayonnaise, salad dressings, mac & cheese, avocados, etc. Here’s the reason why COLD water is the correct choice. Cold water keeps the fats in a solid state and it can be flushed through your system easily. Using HOT water will cause the fats to melt and a liquid fat will coat the interior walls of your plumbing, eventually causing a near impenetrable clog. Hot water is fine to use to deodorize the disposal, but not when grinding food. Debate: solved.

And, here are a few more topics from this week’s show:

Chris in AR
My driveway is blistering everywhere. . And there are some parts of it being chipped away. How can I repair it aside from completely taking it out?

Delores in SC
We had popcorn ceiling removed throughout entire house, but we cannot get the ceiling smooth enough to paint within budget. Any suggestions?

Hilda in TN
We have a rental house that has become vacant and the bath tub was left with stained rings around the tub. I have tried different things. What do you suggest to clean this?

Martha in PA
My adult children and I are having a discussion regarding flushing a garbage disposal/drains. I say use cold they say hot water. We all say avoid putting grease down the drain. I would appreciate your input.

Mike in MD
Our counter tops are Formica over particle board. The particle board above the dishwasher door is being damaged by moisture. What coating could I use to protect this section of counter top?

Valli in NC
How do you get rid of white mold on clothing and drawers, and how do you keep it from coming back?

Joe in AL
I had an area on kitchen ceiling over the range top that had accumulated grease stains. Applied Clorox cleanup then applied Kilz to a larger area, then painted entire ceiling. Follow all label directions, exceeding recommended drying times, and now the kilts treated area shows through as pink or purplish tint. Help!

Dot in AL
Is it a good idea to paint over wall paper that is a high-scale wallpaper, and has been on the wall for approx. 10 years? I’m concerned about the seams

Carol in FL
What product would you use to seal granite countertops?

Ruth in GA
I have a small square slab patio about 8′ x 8’… I want to increase the size with paver stones. Should I remove the slab or is there a creative way to incorporate it into the design?

Brenda in SC
My attic doesn’t have a vent fan. What kind of vent do I need, and about how much does it cost to install?

Ruth in GA
The post near the house has moved about 4″ away from the house, also about 4” off the edge of the porch. It looks like it is leaning. I tried to push it back but it didn’t budge. Any idea how I can fix it before it slides all the way out?

Ralph in IN
Should we block our foundation vents in the wintertime to our crawl space?

Rosa in OR
What kind of paint can I use to paint the wood stairs inside?

Jean in WI
Please give me advice on how people insulate the dryer hole that goes outside. Mine has very cold air coming into the basement.


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