Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for the week of August 27, 2016

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Hour 2

If you didn’t get a chance to listen to the show this week, be sure to click on the links above for each hour. They were jam-packed with information.

One of the frequent requests we get is the formula for wallpaper remover. As we’ve often said, this is a recipe from our buddy Brian Santos, The Wall Wizard and it works like…well…magic! Here’s the link to that formula.

Our pro in the first hour is Whitney Nicely. Whitney started flipping houses in 2009 with her parents and in 2015 when Whitney was planning her wedding she flipped 6 houses! Now she teaches people across the country how to buy a home if their credit is low, how to make extra money flipping houses and how to maximize the profits if you own land or real estate. Check out Whitney’s website here!

Whitney Nicely

Our Lawn & Garden Pro Julie Day Jones offered some great advice for attracting the birds to your yard. Julie is a wealth of knowledge, so check out more of her advice Around the Yard on the Today’s Homeowner web site.

And, just to prove that I was not lying about Danny’s ugly shirt this week, you can see from our producer Dennis’ expression it was not a pretty sight:

Danny Lipford and Dennis Gould

And, here’s a full list of the questions we tackled on this week’s show:

Hour 1

Lisa in KY
We recently had to have our gutters replaced and in doing so had to replace the wooden soffits and underhangs with vinyl. We have solar motion sensor lights we would like to install. What is the best way to attach them?

Alice in TN
Is a rain barrel made from a trash can made of a safe material that will not leach into water and therefore go into plants?

Angela in TN
We currently have blown fiberglass insulation in our attic. We want to increase the insulation. Must we use more blown insulation, or can we add rolled insulation on top of what we have.

Kevin in LA
Our home was built in 2006 with two sides of the house being brick. I noticed this week that the west side of the house, which is also on a zero lot line, has several bricks that are falling apart and are the consistency of heavy mud or clay. What is causing this and how to I repair? Will it cause any damage if the bricks completely fall apart?

Hour 2

Regena in IL
The hot water in our upstairs bathroom sink runs as thin as a pencil. The piping is only a couple years old, and is the new pex piping. The cold water runs just great. What could the problem be?

Chip in LA
My home is currently flooded with about 3″ of water. It has been so for 7 days now and probably will be another 7 until the water recedes. I plan to redo the entire interior of my home. I have OSB sheeting on my exterior walls under Hardie Plank. The OSB has absorbed water and is swollen. Should I replace the bottom portion of the OSB when it dries or will it be okay?

JoAnn in MI
We have been trying for 2 weeks to remove old wallpaper paste and the methods that we have used in the past are not working even to commercial products. What do we need to do other than holler HELP!

Cy in CA
I’m making a barbecue pit and using bricks. My question is what king of glue or cement is best for holding bricks?

April in NV
My grandmother loves watching birds in her yard, and I think it would be fun to landscape the area to make it more inviting. I like your tip to provide the necessities for the birds. Will we need to get some birdhouses for shelter, or are there certain kinds of trees or bushes that make good homes for them?

Elizabeth in IL
I need help. I have carpenter bees in my wood pile. I have used wasp spray, boric acid, seven solution that I poured in a PVC pipe that I put in where I saw them coming out of. They keep coming. Would a smoke bomb work? I can’t get close to the area to cover or remove some of the wood. Any ideas??

Willis in TN
We have a painter that wants to spray the walnut paneling and stain dental mold and baseboard. Another wants to use brush and roller. Several years ago I saw a segment on painting paneling. Which is best?

Ann in GA
I need to replace some long boards of the “cement” type wall siding. Any tips for success?

Tony in AL
Is there a better way of attaching shutters to brick other than drilling the mortar? Is there a type of glue or anything else?


  1. Great show! I just received your latest newsletter and watched the video of how to clean under a refrigerator. Most frig’s have a removable plastic grate like the one shown in your video to make cleaning easier and access the drip pan, if your model has one. You didn’t point that out or remove it but you went under it. Also, you made it sound like cooling coils are always under the appliance. Actually, some models have the cooling coils on top of the frig or freezer.


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