Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for September 26, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the September 26, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Tim – MA
I am getting water leaking from where the pressure relief valve meets the water tank , NOT OUT OF THE VALVE. This happens each time I turn the unit on. I’ve removed the valve and applied plumbers tape and replaced, but still leaks. It’s four months old.

Deborah – KY
I have a crack right down the middle of my concrete front porch. I don’t know how or what to use repair and cover it.

Linda – TX
My mother has natural wooden rails for a wheelchair ramp and a wooden wishing well. What can be used as a protective sealer for these to keep the wood from looking so dry. Also, the rails get a daily sprinkle from the watering system during the summer.

Rick – SC
Have some large bare spots in my centipede,Can I put in some sod at this time of year?
If so any tips on care would be appreciated.

Gary – VA
I painted the sheet rock right below a skylight several months ago. During the last several months inside condensation on the inside of the skylight would drip down on my painted sheet rock causing ugly streaking. What about sealing the skylight with duck brand window film? Do you think that would keep the moisture off of my once beautiful paint job?

Kathy – IN
Three years ago I refinished my bathtub and now the finish is peeling off. Can I re-finish it again with renew again or do I have to take off the old re-finish product. Also, does the renew product last?

Frank – IA
We installed brown vinyl siding about 10 years ago. Some of the siding has now developed a white chalky surface, we have been told it is an oxide. What do you recommend we do to clean the siding with the remove the chalky surface? We have contacted the manufacture Novik but they haven’t/won’t respond. We have looked for commercial products that are designed to remove vinyl oxide but have only found products designed for masonry materials. We have tried several home remedies (internet) Vinegar and Water, TSP with Soap and Water and Soap with Bleach, none of these products worked.


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