Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for September 19, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the September 19, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Charlotte in SC
My kitchen faucet gets a green buildup around the spout base, leaks slightly when in use, and when I cut it off the water trickles to a gradual stop. This is the second faucet we’ve had installed that did this. I’m about to invest in a semi-pro faucet. How do I prevent this from repeating?

Rita in IN
I recently installed laminate flooring but I don’t know what to put around my fireplace which is curved for trim.

June in AR
I need a new roof, but not sure if I should go with asphalt or metal. Do I need the old roof torn off first? What about a radiant barrier?

Jonathan in CA
Hi Danny. I live in San Diego and I saw you on our morning program talking about a tailgating-style generator, but didn’t write down the name. Can you tell me more about it, please? Is it available in stores?

Waverly in TX
When using vinegar to prep galvanized metal for painting, do you rinse off the residue afterwards?

Carol in GA
I have places on my garage floor where the epoxy paint has peeled, specifically at the car tires. Can these spots be repaired and can I place mats over the places afterwards so it won’t happen again?

Scott in MO
I absolutely detest gutters and the constant maintenance associated with them. I have been researching ground gutters and was wondering if you have any experience with them. When I say ground gutters I’m meaning digging down about 18 deep and about 12 inches past the drip line on the roof line with a perforated hard pipe surrounded by 1 1/2 clean rock with a EPDM liner. It sounds very home owner friendly and fairly easy to install with some friends ( hint). Any thoughts?

Gary in PA
I have a brick ranch house with a back porch which already has a roof and cement floor. My question is, how far in do I place the stud walls so that when I add the plywood and vinyl siding that the finished addition wall will be even with the brick house wall?

Ben in LA
I had a new bath ventilation fan installed, but how do I make sure the existing mold is completely annihilated? Straight bleach or diluted?

Betty in AL
This GFCI outlet keeps tripping circuit breaker after 6 weeks of use. Do you know what would cause this?

Larry in CA
Time to replace 25+ yr. old fan. Small bathroom 6X8X8. About 364 CF. What size fan should I get?


  1. My wife and I are both 100% disabled veterans. In as such we live on a tight budget. Our house (modeled on the House of Seven Gables) was uniquely built in 1976 and resembles an upper east coast house of 1776. A realtor once told us that everybody thinks their house is unique, this house is truly unique and a $700,000 house anywhere except the middle of no-where like here. Anyway it seems the old couple who built the house (out of reclaimed victorian house wood and barns) seems to have built it to last only their lifetime. There are SO many repairs needing immediate attention, but I can only do so much, so fast, on a budget.

    Okay, I’ll get to my question. The back porch is laid out about 3-4 feet above ground level. The “foundation” of which is old railroad ties, is backfilled with clay, a layer of sand, and covered with bricks from the Kansas City Stockyards. I know what you’re saying right now. Railroad ties purchased used are already 100 years old, not meant for earth contact. Yes, the “foundation” has rotted, that which is not rotted falling apart has pulled away from the house concrete foundation and the sand/clay eroding away.

    So far in this project I have half the sand/clay dug out, a 4 foot deep concrete brace foundation poured to install a brace to hold up the roof. In the end this area will be a new mud room addition with very generous/large windows to appear as a sun room, porch area (I am milling my own lumber – hickory – for the flooring).

    My question is – I had planned to pour a concrete foundation for this room but a friend of mine suggested a wood foundation is cheaper. I had never heard of such a thing. I researched it and it would be doable as drainage would be right here out a back walkway (already always wet and needing tiled). However, I do not want the next person to end up with a lifetime project as we have. What are your thoughts, pros and cons of each?


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