Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for September 12, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the September 12, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.


Linda – AL: Mold Problem Under House
Help Help Help, please! I keep getting varying responses to my problem. Vent, not vent, dehumidify, etc. I just had the floor joists and subfloor sprayed with boron and may have to replace all of my subfloor as I have some areas of rot also. I really don’t know where to turn and what to do. My home is only 7.8 years old. What do I do???

Jessie – AR: VOCs in Paint
I just had my bathroom painted 2 days, and I requested low VOC paint but I found out they didn’t use it. What can I do to get rid of the VOCs? Paint over it?

Jerry – GA: Removing Rust
How do you remove 40-year-old rust from door hinges?

Rick – MS: Removing Old Insulation
I have a 35-year-old home that was insulated with what seems to be a form of blown paper material. It has settled and compacted. I wanted to insulate with fiberglass rolled insulation and wonder if I should remove the old paper like material first?

Mike – SC: Spray Foam Insulation
I have blown insulation in my attic. I want to put spray foam in the rafters. Do I have to remove the other insulation, or can I leave it?

Karen – MO: Problems with Concrete Floor
We built our house and apparently the guy that poured our basement floor did not put down a vapor barrier. We get this buildup on the concrete that looks crusty and if things are placed on the floor, they show moisture spots. We actually put down some plastic flooring, which usually is used in garages, on the floor. It sits up a bit giving some ventilation on the floor. We thought this might cover the problem, but there are spots on the plastic tile seams that this stuff is building up. We are tired of this and would like any suggestions you could give us.


Judy – MO: Finishing Wood Floors
We have beautiful wood flooring in our screened in porch. We just sanded, stained and applied one coat of polyurethane. Should we apply a second coat to help protect from the rain and elements, or is one coat enough?

Laura – CA: Adding Attic Insulation
We are putting fiberglass insulation in our attic. In the area where the joists are really close together, is ok to just lay the insulation on top instead of cutting it and putting it down between? Does that make a difference in keeping in the heat/cold.

Sally – CO: Problem wiht Paint Fumes
We painted the cement basement floor in house but the fumes are really terrible. Every day we run fans and leave open the windows, but it hasn’t helped at all. Is there anything else we can do?

Jacqueline – MA: Concrete Steps
We have concrete steps of our front porch. They have been there for years but are uneven on one end from probably settling for years. They do not move. How could we fix them to make them even again?

Grayling – AL: Foam Insulation
Are there any drawbacks with foam insulation applied to your home, such as inside the walls and the under the roof in the crawl space?

Daniel – AZ: Weather Stripping Removal
My old weatherstripping is nailed in. What’s best way to remove old pin nails without damaging wood?

John – NY: Hanging Picture Frames
Can I use a picture hanger hook on the wall if the frame has a sawtooth hanger? If not, should just use a nail to hang it?

Suzie – IN: Adding a Bathroom to a Basement
Is it possible to install a bathroom in a basement? There is a sump pump in the basement?


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