Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Sept. 22, 2018

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Danny Lipford and Joe Truini present “Today’s Homeowner” radio each week nationwide.

Simple Solutions

Enlarging Holes – It’s sometimes necessary to enlarge an existing hole, such as when boring a hole for a new lockset in an old door.

However, you can’t use a hole saw because its center pilot bit needs something to drill into to guide the saw through the hole.

So, here’s the solution: Clamp a piece of ½-in. plywood to each side of the door, and then drill the newer, larger hole.

The plywood will provide support for the pilot bit, allowing the hole saw to cut cleanly and accurately.

Hot Tip for Removing Sticky Labels – It seems that most metal products come plastered with all sorts of glued-on labels and stickers.

Peeling them off cleanly is nearly impossible, so try this: Use an electric heat gun or even a blow dryer to warm the label.

Then, once the heat has softened the adhesive, you can peel the label right off.

If there’s any residual glue left behind, wipe it off with a white cotton cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

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