Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for Sept. 1, 2018

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Louis in PA
How do I remove a yellow stain from a fiberglass bathtub? It was caused by rust from our old hot water tank, which has since been replaced. I feel like we’ve tried everything!

Jerry in AL
I need help with a problem with heat on the second floor of my house.
As you know it gets pretty hot down here and you can feel the temperature change when you walk up the steps to the second floor. To add to the problem my air handler is up in the attic.
So I’m basically super-heating the air I’m trying to cool the house with.
What are your thoughts on spray foam insulation or maybe you have a better idea?

Watch and Learn: Insulation Solution for a Safer Home

Insulation is important to the energy efficiency of your home. But have you ever thought that insulation can also help protect your home in the event of a fire? Watch video.

Michael in Ontario
I’m refinishing a beautiful old chest of drawers that I found in my mom’s attic.
The chest and the drawer fronts are white oak, which was stained dark and finished with varnish or shellac. However, the drawer boxes and the drawer bottoms are made of some kind of softwood and are completely unfinished.
What’s the best way to seal these bare-wood drawers?

Alvin in MI
I need to seal a small flat roof that is leaking. What is the best product for the job and can it be applied with a paint roller?

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