Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for November 22, 2014

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Here are some of the highlights from the November 22, 2014, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Teresa in TN
We have an old metal desk that we’d like to refinish. It has some rusting and an old laminate top, but we’re really not sure how to even start.

Joan in NC
I have to replace my old water heater. What would be my best options? Gas or electric? Tank or tankless?

Jim in MO
I built a paver block retaining wall. Afterwards I poured a new driveway between the wall, but now concrete is leeching through. How can I remove the concrete from the retaining wall blocks?

Daniel in ME
I’m preparing to build a new home and wanted some advice about what I can do to eliminate the noise from both outside and inside my home. Four kids and three dogs, if you get my drift!

Kathy in IA
I have a tub/shower combination, but there is a crack in the bottom of the tub on the floor opposite from the side with the faucet. Can I repair this or do I have to tear out the tub and replace it?

Kathy in ??
What are the energy-efficient thermostat settings for winter and summer?

Judy in MS
The dehumidifier in my conventional foundation home collects gallons of water daily. Am I correct in thinking that we should replace our automatic closing under house vents and apply a plastic ground cover under house? Any other suggestions for me?

Karen in MO
I am currently residing in a home that was built in 1972. It has original popcorn textured ceilings and orange peel walls. How concern should I be about asbestos contamination? What testing methods are available for the homeowner? Then also what would have to be done if want to put it on the market?

Linda in WA
I have a very cold corner in my den. I have insulated under the floor in the crawl space and had walls blown in. But it is cold! There is a built in desk in that corner that I cannot use from October to April.

Dave in ID
If I have a water heater that services 70% of the house on one side and the other 30% is on the far side of the house, is there an advantage to having an electric water recirculation pump or is a gas water heater sufficient?

Richard in TX
Danny, I live in the Texas panhandle. Even though most people think about Texas as a hot, arid state, we get a LOT of cold weather, too. With that in mind, my house is about 25 years old with the original heating and cooling system. It’s on its last leg and I was hoping for some advice on what I should be looking for to replace it?

Linda in WA
My front walk is flagstone with grass growing in between. It is so time consuming and back breaking to take care of, as the grass will creep out over and cover the stones if not trimmed regularly. I would like the grass removed and replaced with some kind of cement that won’t just crack and pop out from freeze and thaw.

Linda in WA
I have a stucco wall that has leaned after having to replace a sewer line in the area. I am worried about the long term stability of the wall and want to repair the cracked stucco.


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