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Here are some of the highlights from the November 14, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Nancy in OH
My windows are about 17 yrs. old with self storing screens, the screens are nylon not the old kind of screens. Also a sliding door with same kind of screen door. Some of my widows have a film on the outside of them, it’s not the fog that gets in the window from the seal breaking, but a film on the outside only I have cleaned and cleaned these windows with all types of window cleaners, some with vinegar, alcohol, a cleaner called Invisible Glass etc. They look clean but when I’m finished the film is there. Odd thing is windows are double hung and sometimes it’s the top window and sometimes the bottom window. Not all of my windows have this, just some. Any suggestions as to what to use next?

Maredia in TOR
How do you paint over ceramic tile so it doesn’t show the joints and can make it look like a plain wall?

Christen in FR
Hello, we have just installed an Ipe wood deck. I watched your video about waiting a month to treat it. Our wood has been in full sunlight for about 2 weeks and my worry about waiting is that we are about to enter snowy and wet weather. Can I treat it now (the lumber yard said it was untreated)? And do you recommend any products to preserve the beautiful natural color?

Garrett in VA
You’ve recommended placing a plastic moisture barrier on the ground in crawl spaces. Wouldn’t it be more effective to attach the plastic sheeting to the bottom of the joists to create an air barrier between the joists and the subfloor?

Shelly in OR
Our front concrete porch has sunk down and now there’s a gap between ¼” and ½” between the pad and the wall. How do I repair this?

Peggy in CA
I live on a corner lot, but HOA restrictions will not let me put up a wood fence. What can I connect to the posts of my carport to create a little privacy?

Laurie in NC
My gutters are covered with dirt and mold, especially on the underside. How do I clean them and then, can they be painted?

Debra in TX
We have a lot of windows in our home. There are 11 windows that the wood is starting to rot around the edges, and the screens need replacing. What is the easiest and least expensive way to do this?

Wendy in FL
I want to frame a bathroom mirror, but only two sides are open. The other side is against the wall. How can I adhere the moulding? And do you recommend anything in particular? The customer I’m working with wants to use crown moulding.

Janet in GA
I have been noticing a musty smell in my daughter’s bedroom, and have been trying to find the source without any luck. The reason I know is mold is because I am allergic to mold and I can smell it miles away, besides making me sick with Asthma. I removed the drywall around the window, checked the attic for water leaks, I purchased a moisture meter, I also brought some people in to see if they can find the problem and no one seems to find it. I don’t know who else to call. I am desperate at this point. Can you please advise?

Dawn in PA
We need to remove years and layers of different colors of paint. What is the best method?

Victoria in MI
We installed new flooring and now have doors that are dragging. What’s the best way to fix this?

Mickey in OK
My son is redoing the bathroom in a home built in 1955. He was told the walls were sheet rock but they are not. The back wall of the tub area is block with two different layers of plaster on top. The old tile was coming loose from the plaster underneath. He is not sure what he needs to do to prepare the wall for new tile.

Daniel in LA
I want to build a deck in my backyard that begins with a small square of concrete then turns into grass. What kind of preparation to the grass and concrete are needed in order to have a successful project?

Rose in NY
I paid a man $1200 to repair my patio, and now it is cracking everywhere. I would love you to see it and maybe help me. I was very upset and he said he did the best he could but had no guarantees. What went wrong?

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