Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for May 9, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the May 9, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Reggie in TX
When is the best time to have foundation work done on a brick home on a slab foundation built on black gumbo dirt? When the ground is wet or dry?

LC in TN
How do make a small patio area with concrete blocks or bricks?

Larry in NJ
I added an addition which is 90 degrees to the original house. There is a powered thermostat controlled gable fan in front of one vent. I have a combination of vented and unvented soffit. One vented to two unvented except for a bedroom (300sq.ft) which has 1 vented to 1 unvented. This room has a cathedral ceiling and is the hottest room. There is continuous ridge vent installed in the entire roof, but have started reading about the negative issues associated with interruption of the natural circulation. I’m leaning towards not using a gable fan, however the room with the cathedral ceiling is a concern. Perhaps I should have 100% vented soffit installed….at least for the one problem area and return the fan…….Thoughts/ comments are appreciated.

Rod in KS
I’m planning on putting in a new concrete driveway, and I would like to color the concrete black so that the snow and ice will melt off faster. How much more can I expect to pay for the coloring process? I’ve been told it could be double the cost. Is the dye that expensive? Your input is appreciated. And do you think black will look okay?

Jef in AL
I’ve read about inflatable balloons for blocking air escaping a chimney when not in use. Do you think they are worth it?

Ginger in NV
I want to remove the old rubber rounded edge trim on my countertop and replace it with aluminum metal edge reducer tile edging strip that is not rounded but has a 90 degree angle. Is that difficult?

Wanda in AL
My concrete patio which is under a roof, sweats and becomes dangerous to walk on during periods of high humidity. What can I do to solve this problem? I suggested putting down pavers, but my husband said that would not work.

Ing in AZ
I have a 3×4 paper collage in a plexiglass box frame (12 lbs.), and I wish to hang as a ceiling feature. Perhaps with LED rope lights ceiling mounted, recessed inside the suspended picture. Hang pic w/hooks & eyes?

Jeff in WV
I have a 1940’sish home with old concrete porches (x3) they are cracking, chipping, and pulling away from the home. Would I be able to repair them? If not could I build a deck over them (wooden)? I would prefer to build stairs for the time being as I am low on funds for a deck so that would be the best option, would that be possible? They are not solid concrete, filled in with cinder blocks and rocks.

Mike in MO
I need to add some lighting in my attic for emergency use. I am unsure what type of boards to lay up on the rafters to do the work. The attic is above a 2 car garage. Common sense tells me including my own body weight that this could be added stress on the rafters if i were to put a heavy board down. Should I nail the boards down and then insulate over the boards or just have them up there to be able to move when needed. What is your suggestion?

Barbara in AL
What’s the best way to create a compost pile for a small yard?

Frank in GA
I want to create a concrete walkway from my back patio to our vegetable garden. Is there an easy way to figure out how much material I need for a job like this?

Deb in MI
My porch floor boards aren’t falling apart but they are warping a little and all the paint is peeling. Can I flip them over and paint to save them? How do I decide when to replace them?

Rod in NM
Because I live in a hot and dry climate, the last outdoor furniture I bought was JUNK!!! What kind of fabric should I look for that would hold up in my climate?


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