Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for May 30, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the May 23, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Sharon in VA
Right now our ceiling and crown molding do not have cracks between them. However, when we turn the heat back on each winter the gaps come back between the ceiling and the crown molding and stay until we turn the heat off in the spring. We have trusses in the attic. What can be done to keep this from happening? We would like to get someone to come fix this before the mornings get too hot here.

Chris in FL
I pressure washed my driveway and could not get all the old paint off. Is there a product that I can go over the entire driveway to seal the old paint and then stain it, or do I need to get all the old paint off?

Wendy in MN
How do we safely take down 6 big pieces of mirror lined on one side of master bedroom wall without damaging too much of the wall? Each piece is about 5’x3′. Also how to repair the wall afterward?

Ron in NY
Since the source of heat in winter is from the inside and in the summer from the outside, would it be a good idea to have a vapor barrier on both sides of the insulation? If not, why not?

Delores Fleming in LA
My kitchen has drop lights attached to the ceiling that was installed after Katrina, but I notice that they are coming down slowly from the ceiling. What is the best way to reattach them? I tried to push them back up, but they would not move. Also, I noticed that the molding attached to the ceiling shows a slight crack from the ceiling. What is the best way to reattach it without taking the molding down and nailing it back?

Rick Mills in LA
I have a home built in 1978 and there is no vapor barrier under the carport concrete. I painted it a few years ago with one-part epoxy after cleaning with concrete cleaner and pressure washing. It lasted about a year and then started flaking off. I’ve since removed all the paint with a pressure washer and water based paint remover. Is there any paint that will adhere to that surface?

Dora Gregory in CO
I live in an almost 100 year old house. I had to replace the windows and I put in smaller ones. Now I don’t know how to patch the drywall on the inside to bring it up to my smaller size window.

Jackie in MI
We power washed our brick paver patio to get rid of moss between the bricks. Does all the old sand need to be taken out in order to refill it with new polymer sand, or can you just sweep it in over the existing sand?


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