Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for May 23, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the May 23, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Beth in TX
We purchased a home built in the 1950’s and the bathrooms are hideous with pink and green tile everywhere. Is this paintable?

Lois in NJ
I have a pressure treated wooden deck. I sanded it down to the bare wood. I then applied a transparent wood sealer according to directions. I then applied a second coat within TWO HOURS as the manufacturer says to do. The whole deck is now peeling? What did I do wrong?

Debbie in AL
I used some marine caulk to seal a hole and got some on my clothes. Now there’s white stuff on my clothes I can’t get out! What could this be and how good do you think marine caulk is?

John in FL
Our home was built in 1978 and has a real dark rock fireplace in the great room.
We would really like some options that we could consider?

Erhardt in WI
We have noticed that in some areas of the house, there are stains in the ceiling that resemble the position of the joists. We understand that the attic may not have enough ventilation. But how does one fix it? Then what to do about the paint?

Justin in CA
I have a raised planter bed along a fence on the side of my back patio made out of large wooden blocks. The top blocks have come loose and often falling off. Is there a way I can adhere the top row onto the bottom portion of bed so that they stay in place and stop falling off?

Lori in IN
I sealed my wood ceiling with a fast-drying polyurethane and white spots showed up. I tried sanding them, but it looked like it was removing the stain. What went wrong and what can I do now?

Sherry in NC
I built a ramp for my dogs on top of existing brick steps. How do I enclose the sides so nothing can crawl under the ramp?

Jane in CA
My 25 year old red tile roof has green moss/algae. Before painting my large patio cover, is it advisable and safe to power wash the roof??? If so, who should I hire?

Delphine in GA
I bought some rubber mulch. Do I need to put down a layer of plastic before I place the much in the flower beds?

Mary Beth in FL
We have purchased 2 wooden file cabinets to be end bases for a 2 person desk that spans 12′ . What should we use on top as desk top and how should we brace it?

Nancy in AL
We’ve had squirrels chewing on a vent pipe on the roof and now it’s leaking. How do I fix this?

Dave in PA
I repainted 4 sets of plastic shutters and a wooden wishing well with Olympic One paint + primer in 1. It was fine until I tried it on a pair of NEW plastic shutters. In 2 days they blistered looking real bad. I washed them beforehand and used 2 coats allowing 4 hours after the first coat and 12 after the second before reinstalling. What happened? Looks like I will be scraping paint off the new ones.

Leah in LA
I live in a garden home and the house next door is about 6-feet away. The water runoff from the roof is a real problem in the alley way between the houses. I had an estimate for a French drain that would cost about $3500!! Are there any better and less expensive solutions?

Lisa in WI
We are painting a new construction home. The homeowner was testing paint colors on one wall. She used a brush to apply the paint… we put 3 coats of primer over it and u can see through the primer and paint where she painted. How do we get rid of that spot so it cannot be seen?

Mike in AL
How do I get rid of mold on architectural shingles without damaging them?


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