Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for May 21, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the May 21, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Barb in Ontario
We want to install a 14mm laminate floor on our hydronic heated concrete basement (on grade) floor. There is a plastic vapor barrier under the concrete. Do we need to put down another vapor barrier over the concrete before we install the laminate flooring?

Gerald in MS
Can I use the same vent duct for a cooktop and a gas heat unit in attic? This will save cutting two holes in roof.

Diane in FL
The vent in my kitchen has probably been there since the house was built in 1956. In the Winter the wind and COLD comes thru the vent and makes it VERY COLD in the kitchen. I’ve been looking everywhere even online to find a cover that doesn’t have such a wide space like the one I have now. I have to put aluminum foil and a picture over the vent to keep it warmer than usual. I’ve looked in Home Depot/Lowes also. What can you suggest, or where I can go to look for another cover.

Rick in IA
My gutters are old and leaky. I would like to replace them myself, yet not sure how to begin.

Andrea in FL
I want to change the old Mexican tile of my home to laminate flooring. I can’t afford to change the floor so I need to put the laminate on the old floor. What is the best recommendation to do and what type of leveler can I use?

Russell in MS
I’m doing a small project turning a bay window in to a breakfast nook and I have heard you mention a particular varnish you fancy, but can’t remember the brand.

Diane in FL
I talked to you guys last week and asked about building a brick wall around my flower bed. Danny suggested using pea gravel and tapering it down. Do I cover the whole area with pea gravel or just around the edges where the brick will go? And will the flowers/plants roots be able to grow with the pea gravel there and will the roots go through the pea gravel?

Peggy in AL
Does GutterBrush really work? I have traditional gutter guards, and they collapse when wet leaves build up on them. I would like to replace them with GutterBrush but want your opinion before I buy it.

Ray in AR
Would Hardie board be a good soffit material to keep squirrels out of the attic? They have chewed through the plywood in use now. Been repaired once and now thought Hardie board rather than metal would be a good barrier.

Kim in OR
Is it possible to make existing porch lights motion detecting lights or do I need to replace them with new motion sensitive fixtures?

Roger in WA
I want to put a tool box together for my son-in-law and daughter as they just bought a house. Do you have any recommendations where I can buy one already together and what they should have in it as a minimum to get started?

Here’s a link to our recommendations: Tool Box List

Kevin in NM
How do I get the water from my pitched roof to run into my gutter instead of between the fascia and gutter?


  1. Around May 21, 2016 I talked to Danny about putting bricks around my existing flower bed and he suggested using pea gravel along with the brick, what I didn’t find out is do I use all pea gravel on the bottom or just around the end where I put the bricks?


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