Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for May 2, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the May 2, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Michelle – MO
The person who put up wallpaper did not put sizing on the walls before applying it. As a result, it is impossible to remove it without damaging the sheet rock beneath the wallpaper. Do you know how to resolve this problem? Thank you.

Kim – CO
I have planted a new lawn several times in the same spot. However, it either goes back to dirt or becomes just clumps of grass. What causes this?

John – AL
I’ve been researching countertops. Found a step by step guide on how to pour your own concrete and recycled glass countertop. Looked like a doable project and would be a lot cheaper than buying a prefabricated one (I’m guessing). Any advice?

Regina – CA
How long should you wait before sealing new, and still wet, pressure treated lumber?

Paul – MS
What’s the best glue to use to piece a cutting board back together?

Mike – MI
How should I remove an old cast iron tub? Break it up first?

Linda – WI
We bought our retirement twin home ten years ago. It has a narrow back yard with a steep hill. Now we have grandkids, and would like to extend the yard over the hill, if possible. We really need help, and love what you do. Any ideas? Thanks!

Michelle – IN
Hi- love watching on Saturday am before work! Anyway, wondered about using new siding materials that look like river rock as an “accent” in my covered porch area- would tear out existing vinyl, a cream color, and replace with either river rock siding or the newer stacked rock siding that looks similar to limestone? Wondered what you thought. House is a ranch, built original in 50s and added on. House looks so “bland” from the street! Would color door, except we have doors in entry- one newer storm and then the steel one:-( Will send you a pic too if you like! (I also want to paint or change up the exposed cement block foundation- I painted around the porch area and is now peeling that outdoor paint- ugh! ANY help would be GREAT!

Debbie – WI
I used semi transparent stain on an old deck that I had power wash and sanded the day before. I don’t like the coverage. How soon can re-stain it with a sold stain????

Margie – AR
What is the best way to remove efflorescence from a cinder block foundation?

Debbie – NY
How do you get dried wallpaper glue off a wall that has also been painted over?

Ronald – AL
I need to take off about ¼” from a swinging door. Should I use a circular saw, a hand plane, a sander, or something else?


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