Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for May 16, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the May 16, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Mary – NC
We recently had to replace some grout for our ceramic tiles in the kitchen. We matched up the color of the existing grout to a color which was on the package of the grout however when we applied it and it dried it did not match the color swatch on the package. Now we have grout that is too light. Can you advise how we can correct this and recommend a product?

Theresa – IL
I need to seal my concrete chimney. Do I use elastomeric paint or something else? How do I seal it and still let it breathe?

Lisa – Nova Scotia
I have a huge ivy vine on my century home sided with wooden shakes. How can I get it off? I’m concerned because the vine is also located right where the power lines attach to the house!

G.V. – NY
I had to have my pool liner replaced and in the process they opened the liner on the lawn for about 3 hours (75 degree sunny day) to soften up and it left a large burn mark. I’ve been watering the heck out of the area…. anything else I can do to bring it back?

Jane – AL
My husband made a mess, which he is now power washing off. He bought a fast drying mortar to fill in holes between bricks in our front sidewalk. We live in Muir Woods. I would say drive by and have a laugh but our new Ryobi power washer is cleaning his mess. How do we match this 15 year old mortar? How do we repair and make it attractive? He can do most any home repair but he failed at this.

Paula – AL
We have a rather large, 12′ X 35′, cracked Aggregate patio that we were going to get stamped concrete until we heard the price! Can we cover it with outdoor 16″ceramic tile if we fill in cracks and smooth out surface with mortar?

Connie – MD
My tub is about 40 years old. Green in color but in good shape. How can I refinish to change color . Bathroom needs update old tile and everything green. Please help. My husband is in home improvements but does not much about refinishing tubs.

Eula – MO
My daughter & son-in-law had water leak under slab home. Water pipes were redone & ran across edge of ceiling! How can they be hid?

Daniel – GA
We have a ranch style 1 story home on a slab, land is sloping toward the home in front and away from home in rear, installed gutters with a drain pipe to remove run off from roof but we have a small stream of water coming underneath foundation in the middle of home. Not sure how to stop or divert water away from house.

Helen – TX
I have an old house with a tin roof that needs painting. Any suggestions?

David – NC
Our clothes dryer vents directly through the wall. However the outlet location is right behind the AC heat exchanges. Lint clogs up the AC grills. The only options seem to be install an unsightly pipe outside the house, or to change the venting to up higher in the wall or through the roof which would be about 10 feet total rise at that point. help !


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