Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for May 14, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the May 14, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Edward in NC
I have a deck which covers a screened porch underneath. 17 years ago I had the deck sprayed with truck bed liner. It now has some problems and I am looking for a solution to redo the deck and make it waterproof. Any suggestions?

Sherri in MI
How do I paint a steel door so the paint will not peel?

Kim in AL
The pride and joy of my home is my double mahogany front door with beveled glass. The first two years after being in our new home my door was beautiful. But after yearly sanding, staining and sealing with polyurethane I cannot make it look like it once did. What am I doing wrong?

Nicole in NC
My tub faucet is separating from the wall. How do I get it to go back?

Cassi in MN
I live in an apartment and got sick and tired of dingy wood door frames so I bought a stain that looked close to what was already used. After hours it’s sticky. Did I make a mistake? I have 3 small children so I can’t use really harsh chemicals to strip it. Any alternatives? I didn’t strip anything off before I applied the stain. I’m sure that’s what my problem is. But how do I fix it? My kids have touched it and I have finger prints on my walls and furniture! Please help.

Linda in WV
Turned on the faucet from inside and it leaked back into the house. No sign of a leak outside. Pulled the faucet but I can’t tell if it just needs new packing (it does), or if there’s a break in the pipe in the wall. Any suggestions or do I need to call a plumber to replace the pipe? I know that frost-free faucets are not supposed to freeze but I worry that the pipe housing itself might have cracked for some reason and I don’t know how to tell. I do know the faucet needs repacking. Hate to spend extra money on a plumber on an old timer’s fixed budget.

Leslie in IL
I painted a dresser with thick latex paint several months ago and it never completely dried. Unfortunately, the drawers were pushed shut and now are stuck. The drawers close evenly with the frame. I tried to put a putty knife, razor blade and knife in to loosen it but they would barely go in. I was afraid to damage the wood so gave up. Then I thought I could take out the drawer above and try to push it out from the inside but there is a panel between the drawers. Is there any way to save this?

Patricia in AL
What can I do to stop bugs from coming in through my stove vent? It never fails, every May, every year, here comes these nasty little brown bugs falling onto my stove. I can’t cook for fear of the bugs. I don’t know what I’m looking at when I look at the cap on top of the roof. Please Help!

Diane in FL
I have a dirt area in front of my sidewalk in front of my house that has hedges in it that have been there since 1992 and are cracking at the stalks. I had a double concrete driveway put in and would like to have a brick flower box put in there. Do I put some sort of concrete to put the pavers on or do I just put the pavers on top of the dirt? I want flowers in there instead of the unsightly hedges that are cracking at the stems. HELP……THANKS

Jean in GA
I have many trees, but I am amazed that the birds ignore them and build their nest on my house. I am not sure what to do, what do you recommend/suggest? I also have all electric and I would like to get a generator but I am not sure what size to get. My home is 2133 sq. feet.

Wanda in VA
I’m looking for a gift. Can you recommend a unique tool to buy?

Diana in PA
I have a 10′ x 20′ sun sail shade to go under my pergola and need to know how to make it retractable. Currently, it is hooked up in the center and four corners and had to be taken down when it rains as it billows. Can you help?


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