Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for March 7, 2015

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Here are some of the highlights from the March 7, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Becky in KY
Our house is 20 years old and we have a metal roof that we installed about 5 years ago. The builders never installed vent fans in the bathrooms. I want to install them without cutting through the metal roof, but is that possible? Can it be put on the wall and vented to the outside wall like a dryer vent is done?

Vivian in CA
What is a crown-head hammer that is required to drive in drywall nails, and why is it required…or is it?

Ray in IL
We have a bath fan that, occasionally in this cold weather, will drip.

Sean in OH
I was thinking about making faux granite kitchen countertops out of wood, can you tell me what kind would be best, I’m thinking MDF board. Do I have to put epoxy on the wood before doing the faux granite, if so what kind should I use?

Scott in PA
Where can I have the tar paper in my home checked for asbestos?

Ginelle in IA
I was wondering what kind of danger my home is in with carpenter ants and what I can do about them?

Ed in KS
What do you think of the new “green barriers” for laying over your insulation in your attic? Do they really work? Are any one of them better than others?

Mamie in OH
My garage floor is cement and appears to be deteriorating. I’m 88 years old and not interested in replacing it, but is there anything I can spray or brush on that will stop all the dust every time I try to sweep it?

Rubie in MS
I had my ceilings in three rooms updated from popcorn…the caulking is cracking all around. If I find out they did use the flex caulking who should I get to check other reasons?

Judy in GA
I just purchased my home that is 12 yrs. old. When the concrete sidewalk was poured, concrete was splashed on the bricks and not cleaned. Is there anything I can do now to remove the concrete from the bricks?

Doris in AL
Can we install engineered wood floor on a concrete slab that previously had parquet floor (since removed) and now has carpet but some residue of old cutback glue remains on the concrete?

Sheri in SC
What is the best clothes dryer vent system that doesn’t let a lot of cold air in? My wash room is freezing cold

Lee in AL
I have 4 different beds of plants in my backyard and after years of battle with the door utilizing every spray and bags of products that are supposed to deter as well as planting “Deer Resistant” flowers the deer have outlasted me. I think the deer do not read as to what is on the menu along with specials for the evening. After 7 years I am forced to putting a mesh fence around these 4 beds. The only items I have remaining are the ornamental grasses. How sad!! Question on installing this mesh is how do you suggest I have personal access to enter into these 4 beds. Do you think I cut 4 different areas say close to a tree where I can gain access? My last resort is to utilize drones hovering around my yard until the deer require a higher dosage of serotonin. I will stop at nothing.


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