Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for March 5, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the March 5, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Willard in AL
I have an old intercom system in my house, one that also incorporates the doorbell, but it really doesn’t work very well. Is there a way that I can update it or should I just cover it with drywall?

Kenneth in LA
I need to replace the floor in my utility room. Washer dryer and a chest freezer and a tank water heater. What would be the most economical and durable floor?

House is less than 1 year old the caulk between floor and wall of our tile shower has bad mold. It has been re-caulked twice with same results in 2 months. Are they using wrong caulk? Obviously mold is getting behind the caulk.

Jimmy in AL
Is there any way to put composite decking or pavers over a concrete patio?

Once we are finished applying the primer bonding on Masonry what top coat do we need to use?

Alicia in IN
I was wondering if you have any safe ideas to remove the broken metal piece of a light bulb stuck in a light socket? I need some help so I wouldn’t get shocked by doing it wrong.

A few of my cultured marble shower panels are showing dull areas amid the normal glossy surfaces. I bought a spray product but it doesn’t bring back the gloss in those areas. Is there a product I can use or a method I can use to restore those dull areas to glossy again?

Leslie in LA
How can you make sure there are no more termites in an old 1950’s above ground house wood frame type, and is there any type of spray? The mud trails are old and not going into the ground.

We want to install laminate flooring on top of the old 6” floor tiles. What do we do about the grout lines?

Wanda in AL
I have a problem with mildew on my leather handbags, shoes, boots, etc. Do you think a dehumidifier would solve or help solve most of my problems?

Linda in IN
Have you ever used glue-on ceiling tiles, how hard is it to install and will they stay up over time, also will they stick to ceilings that are treated with that rough stuff that was blobbed on?

How do we protect wallpapered wall top edges when removing popcorn from ceiling?

Michael in CA
I need to insulate the wall shared by two bedrooms. One side as a few electrical outlets, the other has electrical and a door. Both rooms have vaulted ceilings.

I have two 18 volt ni-cad batteries for my paint sprayer. They show 20 volts each when tested, and when placed in the charger, the charge glows steady green for full charge. Yet, when I try them in the tool, I get nothing. I have another battery of similar type that operates the tool when installed. I have wiggled the contacts with the battery installed, and got nothing also. Any thoughts?


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