Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for March 26, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the March 26, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Angie in MS
I would like to know how to fix my yard. When it rains my backyard gets flooded. How can we MAKE drainage for it to not stand in my backyard? And we can’t get on anyone’s properties. It’s very disappointing and it’s killed several of my azalea bushes. I have to keep replacing. I could use some major help.

Hector in NH
I’ve got wallpaper on my walls that is beginning to peel. It’s been on there for 40-odd years, so I would like to remove it and paint the walls. What’s the best way to take it down?

Joan in TN
What do I need to do to paint paneling?

Amanda in MO
I have not had this experience before. My toilets develop black mold growth. It seems to start on the lid then goes to the bowl. All girl takes a week or to develop, I’m used to cleaning about once a month because they don’t get dirty. In 40 years I have never seen this. New/old house built in ’66 bought 6 months ago. Is it mold? Is there a problem somewhere?

Tonya in KY
We have a large garden tub that is fiberglass and it has lost its color. It was white but has now got a yellow tint to it. Also, is there a way to help it retain the heat of the water as it gets cold fast, which doesn’t allow a long soaking. Any ideas will be a great help!

Tammy in GA
Would it be a good idea to stain my wooden deck materials both before and after construction? Would the materials be a lot more difficult for the builders to work with? Thanks!

Charles in GA
Have just purchased a wall mounted fountain and need to hang it on Hardiplank. MANU says hanger should hold 50 lbs. What do you suggest?

Jeff in MO
I do quite a bit of home electrical work – just outlets and switches, nothing dealing with the breaker box – and ran across something I haven’t done before. I want to mount two outlets in a two-gang box. My plan is to wire those two outlets together (black to black, etc) and connecting both ground wires to one of the green screws, then take them as a single unit and connect them to the house wiring (this is for a workshop). Does that make sense? Or is there a better way?

Roy in NC
What can you use to seal a driveway after filling the cracks?

Teresa in GA
The wooden fence in my yard is looking very tired. The fence is only 8 years old. My first question would be, would there be any treatment that I could spray on fence to hopefully make it last a few more years? Would I need to spray my side and my neighbors side to do any good? Also the gate rubs across the drive way even though it is mounted to a steel frame. Could I just cut the bottom of the gate a couple inches up to stop the scraping on drive way?

Renae in SC
You have the most useful show on television. My husband was power washing our deck and hit the side of the house and knocked parts of the siding off. It is made of wood and stained. Now the paint is peeling off and I don’t know how to repair it. Any advice? I bought Bondo as I saw you do in one episode and was going to try that. Thank you in advance.


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