Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for March 15, 2014

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Here are some of the highlights from the March 15, 2014, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

  • What to look for when replacing a kitchen countertop and sink.
  • How to paint knotty pine kitchen cabinets and wall paneling.
  • What to use to clean a composite deck without changing the color.
  • Problem with taped cracks in drywall coming back.
  • Tiling over a gunite pool sides and surround.
  • How to remove textured surface from bathroom walls.
  • Problem with cracked concrete foundation on house.
  • How to raise the height of a concrete slab floor.
  • Repairing a hole in a ceiling caused by water damage.
  • How to add storage space to a wall under the stairs.
  • Increasing attic ventilation to lower temperature in attic.
  • How to repair an outdoor spigot that leaks when turned on.
  • Problem with a pine floor buckling in an older house.
  • How to remove oil stains on a concrete driveway.
  • Problem with white streaks on recently finished furniture.
  • How to determine the size needed for a hot water heater.
  • Tips on finding a reputable roofer for your home.
  • How to repair a stripped hinge screw in a metal door frame.
  • Problem with cracked tile in a concrete slab floor.
  • Inexpensive way to raise a clothes dryer off the floor.
  • How to remove asphalt sealer from vinyl fencing.
  • Replacing a rotten sill that’s causing the house to settle.
  • How long to wait before staining a new pressure treated deck.
  • Filling holes in a screened porch to keep lizards and insects out.
  • Can you install granite tiles without grout lines.
  • Problem with peeling and scratched finish on pine floors.
  • Will excess thin-set adhesive between tile cause grout problems.


  1. Thanks for helping me with my knotty pine question. I didn’t know that you had a radio show. That’s GREAT!! I DVR the Today’s Homeowner TV show so that I don’t miss a show. I’m telling all my family and friends to join me.

    Thanks again


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