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Here are some of the highlights from the June 6, 2015, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

Questions Answered on This Week’s Show

Kyle in AL
We’ve had a lot of rain here lately, and now we’re having a terrible time keeping slugs out of the house. Any suggestions?

Rick in PA
My toilet keeps running in spurts after flushing. I have changed the flapper several times, but it still persists. But I noticed, that with the tank full, I use a wire hanger and lightly push on the flapper….it stops!…till after I move the hanger and a few seconds later filling again….then stops…then fills again!! What’s your solution?

Marie in OH
I have a mobile home that is over a slab. Should the underskirting be the perforated style as opposed to just lattice? I’m concerned about animals getting access under the house.

Liz in SC
I would like to know how to stop floors from squeaking when walked on. Some areas squeak and others don’t.

Todd in VT
My parents have a towel rack in their bathroom and one end doesn’t stay attached to the wall. They’ve tried using those plastic screw inserts and that hasn’t worked. Do you have any cool tips or ways I can re-attach the towel rack to the wall without changing its location on the wall?

Lloyd in MO
We have an Epoxy Pebble overlay on our concrete patio. It is about 15 years old. After many years of repairing it is coming loose in places. In fact you can pry large chunks up, however some spots are stuck to the concrete and can’t be loosen. Our question: Is any solution available to loosen the Epoxy enough to be able to remove the entire epoxy pebble from the concrete?

Casey in MI
I was thinking about installing some large Douglas fir beams in our bedroom, but they have a lot of creosote still in them. Can I apply anything to seal them or is this a bad idea?

Rita in KY
We have rats and mice that have gotten into the batt insulation under our home. This is the second time I’ve had to remove the insulation, because the stench becomes unbearable. I thought about spray foam, but heard there could be problems with off-gassing. I’m at the point of tears! Please help!

Rosalind in GA
I am having a hard time finishing a project I started 3 weeks ago. My husband and I just found out that our ceiling has something on it because we can’t get the texture to come off. We did almost a half of the room only to come to this section of the room and get stuck.

My storm door doesn’t open much more than 70-degrees. Is there a way to adjust so the pneumatic rod allows more of an opening?

Jim in IA
We have a problem with garter snakes getting in our home. We have tried to seal very small holes around the outside of our home but still have a few snakes getting inside. We don’t see any other place where they could enter.

Tracy in AL
I have a 16×30 deck on the back of my house. I have seen the new paint and re-surface and filler product to make your wood deck look like new. What is your opinion on this stuff? My deck is 10 years old looks bad!

Jim in VA
I have a very steep roof that has a lot of algae and moss. How do I apply anything to get rid of this without it dripping all over and ruining my deck? Plus, how do you get an even application? Is there a kind of pump to get it up to the top and evenly coated?

Sylvia in WI
I bought a heavy-duty extension cord the first of this year to operate our sump pump. I just noticed last week that a raccoon chewed through it. Can I use electrical tape to repair it?

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