Today’s Homeowner Radio Show for June 4, 2016

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Here are some of the highlights from the June 4, 2016, Today’s Homeowner with Danny Lipford radio show.

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Costello in AK
I was wondering if you had any modern ideas for the old paneling you see in homes. I don’t want to rip it out, but I need to do something to update it.

Beatrice in CO
Awhile back when you did your show on the condo, you showed a frame that was done for the bathroom mirror could you discuss the information on that. I have a mirror I’d like to do.

Rebekkah in IN
My landlord put a vinyl weatherstrip on the front door, but I see a half inch gap and bugs and heat, etc. still get in. One person told me it should be a metal weatherstrip since the door is metal. Is this true?

Iris in NY
Is it ok to paint my aluminum siding with two coats of oil paint?

Gary in WA
My home has settled somewhat and a few interior doors either rub, or won’t latch. I have ground the striker plate but it is evident that there is a 1/2 inch alignment difference from the hinge side of the jam to the latch side. Do I need to completely rehang the doors?

Anna in NC
What is your opinion on the epoxy grout, particularly in a bathroom shower area?

Linda in LA
We will soon be doing a major master bath renovation and are hearing differing opinions on whether sanded or unsanded grout should be used in the shower. One contractor says he uses nothing but unsanded grout and he will make the grout lines very small. Another says he uses nothing but sanded grout in shower because unsanded will not provide as tight a water seal. So what is best for a shower, sanded or unsanded grout?!

Dan in LA
I have a clog in the A/C condensate line. I’ve tried bleach, even vinegar, but no luck. How can I get rid of the clog?

Michael in MD
I have shower stall that has moldy caulk at the bottom of the shower stall. What is the best way to remove the old caulk and replace it with new caulk?

Harold in MO
Is it possible to paint a vinyl storm door? The one I got is white, but I’d like it to be brown.

Sr. Mary Joyce in AL
I want to help a friend clean her oven and I think I saw this on your program. She has a self-cleaning oven but it really smells.

Norma in AL
It was necessary to pull up some old vinyl floor covering and I am left with contact cement patches and old adhesives. How would you recommend cleaning this plywood floor?

Chad in TX
I recently remodeled the basement, but the previous owner removed all the air vents and stripped the screws out. Do you know a way I can safely put all the vents back up?

James in AL
I need to know how to repair a tub faucet without cutting a hole in sheetrock wall. It has 2 valves – a hot and a cold – and the faucet where it connects is misshaped and will leak.

Paul in GA
The exterior of our home is a Masonite or a Hardie board. It doesn’t need anything right now, but in the future, what would be the best way to clean it without stripping the paint? Do I use a pressure washer, or is there a formula I can use to safely do that?


  1. On our home we have a portion of aluminum siding I would like to have painted a different colour ….our local paint store recommended cleaning the siding and applying latex paint…..I’m from the old school….would you not paint aluminum with a metal paint…..has something changed that I’m not aware of….


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